Europe Summer 2011 Day 3 - Paris

Day 3 in Paris would be the day we went to our eYeka office! We were to spend 1 day in the office with our colleagues and actually I was really excited to see all of them in their working environment because I had spent a year working alongside these people without actually seeing most of them in real life, or more importantly, imagining how their office is like!

So up we went early in the morning and took a peak hour train to the station closest to the office. I felt as if I live there because we are travelling with the working locals! In the train to work! It is really quite cool, and peak hour trains are not as packed as Singapore's. The cool weather also helped.

So here's a peak at the eYeka Paris office, where the fun stuff happens. We had a very productive day in the office even though we were in a room without airconditioning so it was really stuffy, but we were real pleased that so much was done in a day. It sure beats Skype calls in different timezones that drops every 10 minutes!

So by 7pm, it looked like 4pm, and the office was close to empty save for a few of us! The office was actually someone's apartment converted into a workspace, so it was really interesting.

Here's Edouard! He visited us back in Singapore a few months back, so glad to see him again in Paris :)

And here is the eYeka Y logo at the first floor. That made locating the office easier. It had been a fun day!

Our colleagues then brought us to a lovely brasserie nearby for dinner. Traditional french cuisine!

Here's Nicolas w Scott! 

We had some yummy bread. I swear their dough is magic powder.

There was also foie gras for appetiser.

Edouard had some fresh oysters!

and a salmon dish that looks yummilicious. I can't believe they have such food nearby so conveniently!

Scott had some duck dish. Ha I know, very descriptive!

Pour moi, I ordered of course, the steak tartare and fries. It's supposed to be very good and it is. 
Omg. Reminiscing right about now...

They make the beef using very fresh meat.

Our CEO, Francois, also popped by and joined us for desserts. For that he ordered the chocolate profiterole which was drenched in super good chocolate.

Here's Francois with Nicolas in a candid shot.

We had the creme brulee. Classically french, of course! I love that custard dessert to bits.

While Scott had the apple pie? Not sure, but it was also good. We were stuffed by the end of the meal..

So we had to take a walk around the Opera area. And we saw the famous Opéra building with all the famous musician statues in front. It was really grand.

Here's me with the building at the back. 

We then walked around some more, and decided to check Place Vendome out because its also a famous landmark of the city. While on the way there, we got to Rue Cambon, made famous by Madam Coco Chanel of course! Had to take a fan girl photo.

And lastly, the famous pillar around the square. Don't really know much about this pillar, but it looked pretty cool. We snapped a few photos, and went back to the hotel. Once again a long but fulfilling day.

And I end this blog post with yet another Parisian landmark.

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