Europe Summer 2011 Day 4 - Paris

Another day for my Paris trip! I know the posts are coming in really slowly, but work and life has been crazy busy most of the time that all I want to do when I get home on most days is to crash on my bed, but I will have to do some left over work first, then crash. Pardon me for the lack of updates.

Well, it's the weekend now, so I figured I can squeeze in a coupla of entries before a brand new week beats the living daylights out of me.

In Day 4 of my Paris trip, it was a Tuesday. It is also a cultural day because we decided to go to the Chateau de Versailles! It is quite far out, and luckily we found that out because there was another versailles on our map that we thought was it, but wasn't!

Started the day off with some breakfast.

We took the rather old RER train out.

Oh no! When we got there, dark skies loomed and it looked like it was going to pour. It was drizzling in fact, and really cold.

So we hurried to get inside. and boy was it cool! it was filled with very nice statues. I wonder how these sculpteurs manage to make things look so lifelike. Oh right, I forgot, they don't have internet nor TV.

We also took the audio guide, and walked around the castle listening to interesting bits of history about palace. The art inside was simply amazing.

Look, a king's throne!

The only annoying thing was this museum was filled full with tourists.

Marie Antoinette's room! Kirsten Dunst's movie comes to mind when I see this. Poor thing, got persecuted and all. This is her bed!

Another important looking chart for a VIP.

Guess what? When we went out after that, it was clear skies and sunny clouds!

Now that's much better. This is the garden of Versailles, also quite famous. We even paid extra to see this bit, but actually it was so large and vast, we did not walk much before calling it a day at 2pm.

Took the train back to town instead. More things to see and do!

We had fun taking photos on the train. hurhur. 

Our lunch was a pathetic sandwich from the Versailles garden stall, so no photo of that. Here, we are at Galleries Lafayette.

Scott bought a present for his mum. We headed for Le Marais area next.

Le Marais was a really really cool shopping district. Realized I forgot to take photos of that place, but its so nice! I bought some tea from le marais feres! We also had tea at a nice pastry shop.

We were also advised by a kind shopkeeper there that if Scott is carrying the Gucci bag at our next destination, les Champs-Élysées, we better go back to the hotel and place it there or risk getting robbed! Good advice!

The shopping avenue is indeed impressive. Very much like our Orchard Road! We saw A&F!!! It was newly opened on the avenue but sadly closed cos it was already 9.30 when we are there.

We shopped at H&M until 10.30pm, can you believe it! That was a tad crazy. After that we went for another french meal this time at Le Fumoir, as recommended by our friends on Facebook!

It was really delicious.

However I was super super sleepy when we were eating so I couldn't eat much. It was such a torture, being sleepy while at dinner! I suppose the lesson here is have early dinners and shop less :S

And home we went after that, sleepyheads we were. A brand new day awaits...

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  1. the garden of Versailles looks gorgeous! didn't manage to go there when I was in Paris a couple of years ago.

    and I need to get one of those Marie Antoinette beds for myself.

  2. I'd love to go to Paris with my wife. You are so lucky.