Omy Blog Club Domino's Pizza Dinner!

I was invited by Omy to attend a Thank You dinner organized by Domino's Pizza on Wednesday! I was contacted because I was in the Omy SG Blog Awards Food Blog category which was sponsored by Domino's Pizza. Well, I've always liked Domino's since my brother introduced it to us a while back (apparently it goes well with wine!) so I am glad to attend. Who's to say no to free food, especially its my favorite, pizza!

Was supposed to have dinner with my good friend Roxanne, who just came back from France after a year-long Masters there! So she was also invited to the dinner too! Well she writes for Fever Avenue, and also has her own beauty blog so we have one more blogger in the house!

Attending the dinner with us was food blog finalist Hazel (author of aimakan blog) and we also met Joey aka Jong, Nigel of Gustatory Explorer blog and the rest whom I honestly forgot their names of because of the food distraction and lack of twitter/namecards.

They also got the Dominos team from KL meet with us. One of the lady was actually in the product team, and she gets to taste all the food before they get approved or made! She also explained to us about Dominos and it's really quite amazing. Their food has a time guarantee, and they do delivery within 30 mins or you get a free pizza voucher. I can definitely imagine that to be good for lunch one day in the office. The crust is also brushed with garlic oil so it's like having garlic bread + pizza 2 in one. For in-store they promise a 15 mins time frame or you get a free pizza voucher as well.

Currently they are also promoting the Cheese Burst pizza which has a weighed and generous amount of cheese inside. If the customer is unsatisfied he/she can request for a refund or explanation!

Anyway, we really enjoyed the super generous meal. There are a total of 5 pizzas for the 8 of us, and also comes with side dishes like the tom yam popcorn chicken with cheese dip (oven baked for healthier choice!). Its yummy. The onion rings are ok. Didn't manage to try the drumlets cos i was too full! The food also got tonnes of flashage from cameras. I don't have a DSLR so i'll leave the other food bloggers to post up those up-close macro shots with blurry backgrounds.

Everyone also had a chocolate lava cake. It does not really look appetizing in the aluminium foil in the box, but trust me, it is REALLY good. It's like a moist warm brownie surrounding a LAKE of molten chocolate. Superstar among all the items for me! Place this on a nice white plate with a scoop of ice cream and restaurants can easily charge patrons $10 for it. $25 if it comes with vanilla bean gelato ice cream. Hur.
For the pizzas, the most memorable one would be the Classified Chicken pizza you see on the top right corner of the collage. It was made with Domino's Secret Sauce, which is unlike any other. It is creamy, almost like a carbonara, sweet, garlicky and cheesy. I really liked that. Plus the pizza was so extremely filling, I had no room for the rest which I only took small bites of! The chili chicken thin crust was also not too bad.

Here's Rux with the Hot & Wow pizzas and me with Janet from the omy club who invited me to this soiree. She's my senior from university, what coincidence! 

Well, tonight is the night of the Presidential Elections results. I am also going to Domino's for pizza before that! All this writing is making me hungry for their stuff. Their stores are popping up like crazy in Singapore because good pizzas always have stomachs to fill. Find yours here and I highly recommend that you try it soon!
  1. Wah lao. You claimed you were not a food blog, then you went for a food blog award

  2. Haha, so your blog is now officially a food blog! Considering the ratio of food-related things you post, I'm not surprised! :) Keep it up.