Happy 46th Singapore! Homecooked Food and Exhibition

So on the eve of the nation's birthday, I went to my friend's house for dinner! You guys might know him as the dude who brought us to the most wonderful restaurant in Paris. He blogs at Gyuto.blogspot.com so head on over and salivate over his chef creations. Last night's dinner was so sumptous! We had roasted chicken, bicolored corn on the cob, a starter dish made of rambutans, oranges and chili, potato gratin, ratatouille and calamari. Not forgetting some homemade peanut butter vanilla ice cream.

It's really too awesome. I am so lucky to have a primary school friend like him who can cook for all 6 of us! Woots!

So today, after resting at home for most part of the day, we decided to finally go to the "Treasures of Vacheron Constantin - A legacy of watchmaking since 1755" Exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore. Admission to all museums are free this month of August to celebrate national day, so go on! This exhibit is free originally, and will last till this weekend so quick!!

I am really impressed with the exhibition. It was well planned, the decor was classy and muted, and everything just makes learning about the history and watchmaking so easy. 

The interactive displays and the different types of displays other than watches brings the whole exhibit to life.

Did you know that Vacheron Constantin is actually started up by 2 watchmaking enthusiasts and masters, so it was called Vacheron & Constantin all the way until the 70s? I didn't know that until the exhibition! But you can see the malte cross symbol as early as 1880.

One of the more interesting exhibit is this thigh-watch meant for pilots, with a super long strap! Isn't that cool? This, among many other interesting pieces highlighting mastery in jewelry, enamelling, guilloché..

So gorgeous, these works of art!

Many of them should be jewelry instead. Functional yet pretty, that's how I like them to be.

This is one of the hero pieces showing the art of "guilloché" which uses a machine to carve very very intricate patterns on the case.

It was a great exhibition overall and I am glad I am fortunate enough to catch it, since this is the first time VC ever did a public exhibition!

After that, we originally wanted to go to the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands for the "shipwrecked" exhibition, but found that it was simply impossible to get in there with the human traffic outside the marina area because of the National Day Parade. It was so crazy, I forgot to take a photo!

It was packed. We decided to go for dinner back in Cityhall instead. We went to The Hand Burger at the basement and I had the best drink ever.

It probably is in my top 5 nicest drinks ever list. The lychee mint crush! They are having a promo now so the 2nd drink is 50% off, so if you do go there, remember to order TWO of them! It is 5.50 sgd each. I find the burgers at the Hand Burger rather meh, so go to Fat Boys at thomson instead if you want burgers.

We then stepped out and saw fireworks. Right in our face. Who needs to sit 3 hours in front of the river to wait for them when you can go have dinner, and then be at the right place at the right time? This is called awesomeness, y'all. In and out of Suntec too even with road blocks, no jam.

We then went to Salted Caramel after that at Thomson for a sweet treat. I finally had another taste of the horlicks tim tam after so long because there is finally stock! There is also salted caramel flavour, which I didn't even really taste fully the first time I went. OMG.

It is really damn nice. Best 2 flavours ever in that shop, really.

And that is how I spent my national day eve and national day! I hope everyone had a great time too. Good night!
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  1. what an eventful national day! and that buffet of a meal looked soooo gooood!!