Sweet Eats: Indian Kulfi Ice Cream at Upper Dickson Rd

I have to put in a new post, my last one was about National Day, which felt like a lifetime ago. Funny how time can be so relative. I am doing some of the typing on the train too, using an iPhone app called Blogbooster.

So what's up with the title? Well just on Monday I met up with my uni mates for dinner, and I was the one that suggested Indian cuisine. Specifically Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant at Upper Dickson Rd. This place was first introduced to me by my Indian ex-boss so it can't possibly go wrong. Lynette was saying, if Alexis is going for vegetarian, we will go for it too. Well we had an excellent meal! It was sumptuous - there was butter "chicken", tandoori platter, spinach paneer, aloo gobi, vegetable curry and naans all around. We also asked the waiter to recommend another dish which he promptly said something that I did not catch.

The dish arrived shortly and looked like this.


After that good meal of "curry and flour" as Dillie puts it, we decided to go for Indian ice cream! Ok actually I decided that because I always pass by that place, which is just next door to Gokul and had been wanting to try it.

The place is called Kulfi Bar, and it looked like a shopcafe. There were chairs inside but we chose alfresco.

The taste is very interesting! It is said to be made of milk, spices and no sugar but honey instead. It felt a bit like eating frozen milk with grainy bits inside. The flavour we ordered was lychee peach. It was too fruity, so we didn't like it.

The brownie and chocolate ones are yummier!

Here's what they call the Bollywood Silver. It's basically kulfi with edible silver foil topping. Very novel, but the silver foil did not really have any taste. It also feels strange to consume metal.

All in all, it was a lovely time with friends and Indian ice cream. I would definitely still prefer my gelatos and froyo to this variation, but hey, its always interesting to try new things and get out of the comfort zone. I highly recommend everyone to go try it to and have a taste of India!

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