Be Disloyal - Singapore's first indie coffee disloyalty card

No, it does not read bed is loyal. even though I AM loyal to my bed a thousand times over, faithfully and truthfully, it is time to be disloyal to something. A new venture is coming to town - launched on 9 September, this venture by "antics and cortadito" was inspired by the Disloyalty Card created in East London in 09 by a world barista to inspire people to check out other indie coffee places. Well, the time is ripe for us Singaporeans to finally have enough indie coffee places to map out a card of our own.

The concept is really cool. Other than rich mistresses sequestered in condominiums by cheating husbands, who else gets rewarded for being disloyal? Apparently coffee drinkers with a heart for exploration does.

If you have been reading my blog long enough, you would have realized that I am an avid lover of brunch bistros and indie cafes. I am however, not any sort of connoisseur of coffee. I always order the same thing - latte - when I go to the cafes, and usually the milk just sort of mask over the details of the coffee. I am more of a tea person (can I even say it here?).

I did however check out some of the places on the card already. Though I don't think Oriole is that much considered as a indie coffee place for me since it is located in a swanky part of town. So, 3/8 done. Check out my past reviews of Loysel's Toy and Forty Hands!

I did think it is a bit too much of an effort to need to try ALL 8 of the cafes before you can redeem just one cuppa joe, but hey, it seemed more to be a marketing/word of mouth effort more than anything, to get people to try new things. With this at least I know which other indie cafes I should be checking out next, so it becomes more like a bookmark, and I can check them off my list!

Well, there are only 100 cards in each participating cafe and this thing will run until the end of the year, so collect your limited edition disloyalty card next time you visit an indie cafe alright!

Oh and they have a twitter and facebook page too so .. go forth and be disloyal. #dontsayinevershare

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