Food Review: Swis Ling Restaurant at 1 Teo Hong Rd, Singapore

I finally satisfied my salted egg yolk crab craving yesterday! It was at this really obscure corner near Outram MRT station opposite of Chinatown and had an odd name "Swis Ling". I first knew about this place back in uni days when my friend Shaun brought us there for lunch one day and we discovered the joys of butter pork ribs. I first wrote about that on Hungrygowhere on Feb 2010, imagine!

Well, Scott mentioned that they also do crabs, and are pretty decent at it too. I was definitely interested when he said they do the Salted Duck Egg Yolk version, with quite rare in Singapore. I had asked a few times around for where I can find them, and the answers had been rather scattered and seems like I had to queue very long for it, so mehh.

But finally, there's one just right near our office and there is no queue on weekdays and no exorbitant prices, selling salted egg crab. Is that even possible?

This plate right here says yes. (And it arrived within 15 mins) The salted egg crab was really nice, and coated with the grainy salted egg butter sauce with bits of roe all around. I usually don't like roe, but those were so fresh and scattered around I did not realize it was roe until I asked about it later (about 5 mouthfuls of roe kind of later). Scott says it is very fresh cos the roe is orange! I agree. The crab meat was also juicy and fresh.

We also ordered a chili crab to counter balance! The classic signature of singaporean crab, the chili sauce was not spicy at all but more like the tomato egg gravy with a mild taste of chili, which makes it really acceptable. Heavenly when fried mantou buns were dipped in them!
Next, I also ordered 2 pieces of Otak because I've tried it before and it was not too bad. Well, yesterday's one was better than that. It was awesome. Look at the large amounts of chunky fish flakes inside, it's like eating mashed fish without bones and just rightly spiced to be very tasty. It came in a weird shape (bigger, wide, short and thick), but who cares as long as it is nice. Heh. Definitely recommend.

And here's the entire set save for the omelette that we ordered later! Guess what, for this whole set, inclusive of 8 honey lemon drinks and 5 rice, the bill only came up to $164.30. That means 20.5 per pax. For 2 crabs, large butter pork ribs, large baby kailan, 2 otah, 10 mantous and a fu rong omelette, it is friggin cheap by singapore's rising living standards.

It is completely alfresco and it feels like malaysia, which is perhaps why the food tastes so good. Other than Ban Leong seafood's chili crab which is better, I definitely know where to go next time for my salted egg crab fix.

Well, #don'tsayinevershare!

Swis Ling Restaurant
1 Teo Hong Rd, Singapore 088321
Tel: +65 62246110
Opening Hours: Daily 7am – 1am

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  1. Hi Alexis , Mdm Ng ask me to help her update their restaurant number info to 62246110 as their new number because of the 1 year renovation many thought they moved. Pls help , this means a lot to her. thanks a million in advance!