French Food Find: L'Entrecote at 36 Duxton Hill Singapore

Discovered this little gem hidden in the sleepy enclave of Duxton Hill during lunch on Monday when my french colleague introduced me to it, saying that it is nothing too fancy but just a simple steak with secret sauce. I was initially doubtful, since I was under the impression that it wasn't that great from the reviews, but hey I take personal recommendations over online reviews any day (unless it is by me, then of course you need to take it).

It was a really nice little restaurant. When we walked in there were barely 2 tables of patrons. There is one gigantic row of tables in the restaurant and the decor is very much like a classic french bistro or brasserie. There's also a very nice sun roof to let in the light.

The story of L'entrecote is on the first page of the menu. I like how they have a story! So there is a secret butter-based sauce that got invented, and the owners also decided that because it is so delicious that nothing else comes close, they will only serve ONE plat du jour, 1 mouth watering dish, all day every day!

Well that makes my job easier. But actually they do have an interesting selection of entrees (sardines anyone?) and some rare french desserts as well instead of the standard creme brulee. 

Because we went for lunch, we went straight for the plat du jour instead of risking a food coma after lunch.

First we were served complimentary apéritif. A cheery red and light alcoholic drink.

Then came the walnut salad. I had no idea it was a full plate by itself! Great to start off with some greens.

Then came the masterpiece. Generous serving of fries with a well-portioned slab of good ol' beef covered in a buttery peppery sauce. I asked for medium rare, and they did it impeccably. Good piece of meat, and well supported with the addictive sauce that is light on the palate yet slightly sinful. After we finished this portion, they served up another 3 smaller pieces of the steak to 'top-up'! I do think that for $29++, the complimentary drink + salad + fries + good steak is really not too pricey because you pay for quite a bit of good stuff (and it is the same price for dinner too).

My colleague then ordered the Cherry Pie and we all tried it. It's basically custard baked with cherries! It is not too sweet, and apparently a very traditional kind of dessert that french grand-mamans would make.

Therefore, my impression of this place has lifted considerably after the meal. It was satisfying, to say the least. If you are craving for just a simple steak with no bells or whistles, go to L'entrecote! Je suis sûr qu'il va vous enchanter!

36 Duxton Hill Singapore 089614
6238 5700 (No reservations)
Weekdays 12pm-10.30pm; Sat 6pm-10.30pm. Closed on Sundays.
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