Om Nom Monster Mania > Cut The Rope iPhone game!

So there has been recent observations that I might possibly be a food blogger. Those observations are only natural, so don't panic everyone! However, other than food, I do have other interests. 

One of them includes funny or cute iPhone games, in which "Cut The Rope" wins the prize for the cutest and sometimes most challenging game ever! I seldom game on my iPhone, preferring to read my RSS feeds or twitter, but once in a while i have to fire that game up just to see my fav. game character in the world.

It's the Om Nom monster!

The premise of the game is really simple. 
Cut the ropes holding the candy so it falls into Om Nom's mouth!

Om Nom has many expressions and makes this really cute sound when it doesn't get the candy.

I had been eyeing their plushies every since reading about it! They are so cute, immortalized into all the different expressions.

Then today, we walked past a shop and saw the monster sitting in a shelf with angry birds! The shopkeeper referred to them as "Frogs". Really? They look more like apples to me actually. Haha of course, *points to me*, I want! And i can haz om nom, yay!

So now Totoro has a new friend in bed. Fellow monsters say hi.

End of post. Time to cuddle up with my bed fellows, good night all!
  1. you have other interest??? Really?

  2. Super photos! Love them! And the message is speechless!

  3. hello I am trying to find this toy for my friend... I live in Hong Kong, where did u see them?? pls help! thanks so much :)

  4. Hi Anon, I am afraid I don't know where to find in HK, I found this at Shaw Tower in Singapore. However, i suggest you can try eBay

  5. Dear Alexis ...
    do you mind sharing the specific location for this om nom toy
    been desperately searching for it ...
    i must have it please ~~
    if you do have time please email the location to me

    thanks in advance and have a nice day =)

  6. Could you please tell me where you bought the squish bead pillow. I've been trying to find one. My email is Thank you.

  7. Hi anon and kara, I got it from a shop in Shaw Towers in Singapore. I don't think they continue to sell it anymore. Try eBay, sorry can't be able to help more!