Topshop Ballet Flats

So i bought the most awesome pair of ballet flats last night from Topshop. I was originally on the search for a pair of black flats, and upon random browsing not expecting to find anything good, I chanced upon the Topshop ballet flats. It was love at first sight.

The retail price listed it as $36 SGD, but as there is a 10% off Topshop till end of this week (18th September), I got it for $32.40! A quick peek at New Look had one of their flats retailing for.. over 40 dollars! Wow that's a ripoff.

I tried it and it was like slipping into a second skin. Or slathering my feet with protective butter that looks even better. I couldn't wait to put it to the test after buying it! There are other colors in the Topshop shoe range, contemplating on the suede/velvet ballet flat, but those are like $56. I did not look closely at the rest, definitely have to go back there before the discount ends.

So imagine my elation this morning when I wore it to work and it suited me very well. So well in fact I was grinning all the way to the bus stop because YES I FOUND MY HOLY GRAIL FLATS. My previous pair, a Steve Madden trebble ballet flat in gold, was really getting run down, though now it is my 2nd fav pair (made of leather, super awesome).

On my way home then I thought I had better share this with everyone because it is such an awesome find. And I know plenty of girls who would be as glad as me to find a pair of flats that does not smell (of fake PVC), is as soft as butter, light as clouds, and cuddles your feet like a lace glove instead of entrapping it within a small tight space with no sunshine or rainbows. Plus it is affordable and looked like it will last beyond 2 months. You can have the former if you buy those 9.90 flats but it will not fit the latter criteria.

Ok this is too much text for just a pair of flats. but no, wait, i need to share it lah! 

The people who tweeted me to ask about this pair of raved flats will also agree with me once they check that out. In case you are wondering, follow me on @alexischeong to get the latest deals and such nuggets of info yea. Cuz sharing is caring. 

Alright, so here are some pics! See for yourself.

Over here, the color is slightly darker than actual. The sole of is made from leather. I mistaken thought it was pigskin lining, but no, that was for other flats in topshop.

Over here the colour is more accurate.

The base of the flat is a smooth surface so it might prove a bit challenging on a rainy day, though i do believe it might hold up because of the rubber texture. And you can see here it is printed to be €24, or 32 USD.

The thing I find amazing is the sticker on it that says: "The shoes are traditional ballet construction. Therefore will not withstand extended outdoor wear." But where else can I wear these to, ballet class??

Well, don't say I didn't share. Now go get yourself a pair and stop mistreating those feet in heels.
  1. Gorgeous. I have a Topshop ballet flats fetish and especially love the Nude ballet flats. Good beat off material. <3

    1. agreed 100% have ballet flats fetish too wife got me pair of these too. wife always gets 2 pais so we got matchibg shoes.tjese top shop shoes look great .