Cafe Hangout: Habitat Coffee at Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore

Taking over now defunct Italian restaurant on the popular Upper Thomson Road stretch is this new cafe called Habitat Coffee. Visited it last Sunday to check out their joe, and also since it is relatively near to my place.

It is a nice little space. We were perhaps the only ones in there at first around 6pm but after that some more people straggled in.

We ordered the truffle fries ($8) and my friend tried out the long black. His opinion is that it is very diluted and not really anything remarkable, so I guess coffee is not this cafe's forte. That's a pity since the local indie cafe scene is really competitive with handcrafted brews and all!

The truffle fries were yummy though. Overall a great quiet place to just chill out with some magazines and a beverage. There's no wifi though so you can't exactly surf the net. But for old school chillin' for non-coffee drinkers this could be an option.

Habitat Coffee
233 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore
Tue - Fri: 11am to 10.30pm, Sat - Sun: 10.30am to 10.30pm, Closed on Mondays
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Upper Thomson is fast becoming my usual hangout, what with Salted Caramel for ice cream and Old School Delights for comfort food. Oh and do check out the newly opened Yi Jia Bakery just a few doors down! Apparently they do old school pastries and hail from the Katong Red House heritage. Will check it out soon and come back with a report!

Also along the same stretch right at the corner is Fatboy's Burger Bar which serves up great burgers. But my love goes to their Mac N' Cheese which I just had on Friday night. It was awesome. Their chili cheese fries are also the best I've ever had!

Here's a pic just to show off my food photo taking skills. Ok no, this is just a side note! 

So where are you going for brunch this lazy Sunday afternoon?
  1. I swear your picture made me drool even after supper at 1 am.

  2. @dillie: hahahah mission accomplished :P

  3. Sweetie can u pls name my link as airline stories...thanks a million :)

  4. hi enjoyed reading your blog.
    went to old school delights last sat and saw habitat cafe. went in and guess wat... i ordered truffle fries too, wat a coincidence.


  5. @omochan: what a coincidence indeed! how did you like the truffle fries, are they tasty?

    (btw planning to do a blog post on old school delights too, realized i've yet to and that place is really lovely so I wanna share it)

  6. Hi alexis
    is my first time having truffle fries, rather surprise of the price, and was hoping is crinkle cut fries rather then shoe for old school delights, i went back there for lunch yesterday and really like the kueh pie tie over there. Looking forward to your post on OSD.


  7. Jus a casual comment .. Aren't long black suppose to be diluted e way e American like it? Haha

  8. Hi,

    I was at Habitat Coffee with my daughter, like their latte,. i thought they took too long for food waited 25 mins and i got my meal first the Big Ben while my daughter's pancakes came much later...cheers Bradell View