Cafe Hangout: Kith Cafe at Robertson Quay, Singapore

Next up on the to-do list: apparently set up by some old girls from my alma mater, st nicholas girls school, Kith Cafe is located at the very trendy Robertson Quay area which is nicely rejuvenating with boutique hotels, expensive condominiums and interesting pubs.It was not really easy to get to - the only parking was at Gallery Hotel, and I suspect a fair bit of walking is involved when one wants to take public transport.

We finally found it 2 Sundays ago though. Did not have a picture of the interior because it can be seen on their website -- and it was a really small space. Really warm and stuffy too because there is no aircon! Only a group of french people were mad enough to sit inside.

Sat outside after ordering - we were lucky enough to snap up the last table and the order came really really swiftly after. Probably took them 10 minutes in total.

Here's my big breakfast set, with an iced latte! As you can see on the receipt this cost me 19 bucks. Really pricey for such simple items - my sis said she'll make me the same thing if I give her 10 bucks for it.

It was 14 bucks and overpriced if you look at the items, but I am really not that disgruntled simply because the food was really good. Simple, but well done. The bread was a slab of thick fluffy white bread - crunchy on the outside but soft inside. Really satisfying with Lurpak butter and the strawberry jam!

The tomatoes were the only disappointment. The sausage was really fragrant and juicy, the bacon was not too salty and the scrambled eggs were really soft and done just right. Kinda like the perfect scrambled eggs, really.

This is my friend's poached eggs with toast. Simple but good. Poached eggs could have come with some hollandaise sauce though, it was rather plain eaten this way.
Overall a great little cafe for some wholesome and healthy food. Would recommend it simply because they got the service fast, the food was healthy yet delicious and the location was charming. If you are a coffee connoiseur you can also go to next block and get your premium handmade coffee from Toby's Estate.

Kith Café
7 Rodyk Street, #01-33 Watermark @ Robertson Quay, Singapore
Tel: +65 6341 9407
Daily: 7am – 7pm
  1. aiya u can come to my home and i can cook better breaky for u lah.

  2. Ohhh i've been meaning to try this place out! but oh no, no aircon!? :p haha I went to another cafe nearby once and it was so hellish without aircon!! But so this place is still worth a shot?

  3. hey lynnette! nope the place is not worth a shot on a really warm day because there is no respite, and the chairs/tables outside are tiny as well! i would suggest going to toby's instead cos that space is bigger, and inside is cooler too even if the aircon is off.

    you can walk pass kith and see if that day's temperature is good!