French Food Find: Le Cuisson at 269 Queen Street, Singapore

Was tipped off to a new French stall in town by @billysjuliet on twitter called Le Cuisson. When I saw her tweet: "joint selling french food but foie gras salad, steak & wild mushroom pasta w/ truffle oil. Bill total $28. WIN!" I had to ask where. Turns out it was a kopitiam STALL!

Would it rival The French Stall at little india (544 Serangoon Road)? Will Singaporeans finally get to taste french cuisine at prices that do not give you a heart attack?

Also read about them from "Lo and Behold". Go read that too cos it has more pics! Turns out the chefs were from 3-michelin starred db Bistro Moderne. Wow. The stall only officially opened since 23 September 2011, which means this could possibly be the first time you heard about it (from my blog of course :P)

I also mentioned it in french class just on Thursday. My french teacher automatically corrected me when I said "le cuisson" to "la cuisson", feminine! I guess the chefs were good at cooking; not so much at the french language, even though it seem to be quite a big mistake for the name of your business. But hey, maybe it is their way of differentiating, perhaps "le" sounded more french than "la".

So we gave it a try last night. My friend was really surprised that it was situated in a kopitiam. I guess when one says, "let's have french food for dinner" you kinda expect to go to a restaurant. That stretch of kopitiams behind the iluma and bugis street also looked rather happening.

It was close to 8pm by the time we arrived, and there was barely anyone at the place. Turns out, the stall is open from 11am to 8pm and we barely made it. There was however, no more steak & mash and pumpkin soup, the top 2 items that we wanted to try! The stall was also pretty no nonsense. You can see the 2 chefs busying themselves in the space. Halfway through our meal we also saw howard (from eye for a guy) and his friends going to the stall but alas it was closed for the day already (after 8pm!)

Instead of pumpkin soup, we chose the Barramundi Rilette salad instead. It is a bit like tuna salad, creamy with bits of fish. Quite a yummy appetizer, and rather special. Guess how much is it? $3.50. OMG what a steal.

Top view!
We then ordered 2 mains. First up, linguine with escargot $8. Among the 3 items we had, this was the least impressive. To be honest, the taste was quite 1-dimensional and too much olive oil was used, so it got rather "gelak" after a while. The escargots seemed to be an afterthought and did not infuse the pasta with their flavour. I asked for more pepper and chili flakes halfway through, but still, it did not save it fully. Perhaps it needs more spices, garlic and maybe even chili padi to give it a kick. The pasta itself was quite al dente though and because of the oil the whole thing was quite smooth to ingest.

Next, the Pan Seared Barramundi $9. Here's the top view. It was absolutely gorgeous.

It tastes as good as it looks. I was expecting the fish to be rather fishy since barramundi fish usually are but no. That was the biggest surprise. On the first bite, the skin was salted and crispy. The fish meat itself was juicy and soft and FRESH. It was really delicious! The cream sauce with beans and sauteed mushrooms also provide a good bed of contrast. We both really liked it.

Here's the kicker. For 2 mains and a starter, it cost us $20.50. That is probably the cost of ONE appetizer in a french restaurant! All the items there are bien marché (even cheaper than bon marché which means cheap). You can have a look at their menu on the website. Sure the atmosphere might not be the best and it is self-service, but they try to present the food on nice plates and the decoration effort is there. For all that we pay, I will be stalking their FB for new menu additions and specials! I will also definitely go back to try their steak and foie gras because it looks really yummy.

Well this is for sure a #dontsayinevershare blog post. Do let me know if you enjoyed it if you decide to go!

Le Cuisson 
Blk 269 Queen Street, # 01-236, Singapore 180269
11am - 8pm, closed on Mondays
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  1. Je te conseille :

    bon marché -> meilleur marché
    bon -> meilleur
    bien -> mieux

  2. i tried their french onion soup. c'est bon! :)

    by the way, I'm curious and have a question,
    which company do you work at right now?
    (was reading your other post about the company having an office in France)


  3. @Ruth: I work at Tribal now, just joined them. Before that I was with eYeka, which has an office in France.

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Hey, I am a foodie finder/minor blogger. I heard about this outlet from the newspaper about 3 weeks ago. Thanks for the infomation about this

  5. @ Al Sim: thanks for leaving a comment too! It is always nice to hear from readers and fellow bloggers :)