Event Coverage: Volkswagen GTI 35th Birthday Party at Stadium Link, Singapore

Went to the Vokswagen GTI 35th birthday party event and it was my first ever car birthday party - boy was it fun! First knew about this party that is open to public through the grapevine that there's free $10 food vouchers for the first 1000 to register, so I hurriedly like a true blue Singaporean signed myself up for it on the website, gti35.sg . Impressed with the follow up too, they sent me an SMS almost instantaneously to say I've got myself the food voucher!

It was quite a half-rain-half-sunny day though. Reached there at about 5.45pm to the tunes of Ling, Ian and Juan. By then, the skies cleared up a bit, though we had to walk a little to go in from the car park. It was a really cool spot to have a car event though, I must say! If not for this, I would never have ventured to this bit of land in Singapore!

The signage and helpers were all really great at giving instructions as to where is to what. As you can see, there is a bus stop for the shuttle bus service because this place is really ULU.

Here's the schedule, because the event is still happening today!
Half-hourly from 9.30am to 5.30pm.
Midpoint Orchard (opposite Somerset MRT) > Plaza Singapura (opposite Dhoby Ghaut MRT)
Raffles Hotel (opposite Raffles City Shopping Centre) > Marina Bay Sands (at Convention Centre) > Stadium Link

Half-hourly from 5.30pm to 9.30pm.
Midpoint Orchard (opposite Somerset MRT)  > Raffles Hotel (opposite Raffles City Shopping Centre)  > Stadium Link

There is also valet parking (not sure if its free), but there's plenty of parking available everywhere anyway.

There was this carnival atmosphere to the party and it is really family friendly! There were freaky clowns, people on stilts, balloon makers.. and there are also entertainment tents that include photo print outs, manicure, airbrush tattoo, computer driving simulation game, a kids corner with bouncy castle...

There was also a CAR WASH with bikini babes and washboard ab hunks. Pity I did not go up close to the bikini babes and the washboard ab hunks to take pics for you guys. Gotta go down and see for yourself la! (and get free car wash!). Too bad the rain made the car wash less attractive than usual. As you can see its all wet...

That did not dampen my spirits though, cos I've got myself some free food vouchers! heh heh heh.

This is the food hall where we get to spend the vouchers. There are drinks, pizzas, nachos, wraps, kebabs, fish and chips, fries, burgers and sausages! So many choices, too little vouchers. haha. In the end we got some awesome sausages, some chao da pizzas, some nachos with radioactive but delicious cheese sauce and a couple of canned drinks.
Below are some of my instagram pics of the event. Follow me @alexischeong on instagram if you haven't by the way, and if you are at the event, hashtag it #gti35 ! Hashtag the golf gti plus @sgig to win 300 dollars worth of vouchers in their photo challenge!

Here are my instagram pics and the captions. Let the pictures do the talkin'.

like a scene from iron man. tony starck where art thou?c#gti35

they have other volkswagen cars at  carnival. that's how I get to sit inside my fav scirocco! dream car!

old school but so hot #gti35

#gti35 anyone w $205,000++ to give me? thanks.

candy floss bigger than my head. I love those fluffy things. #gti35

#hotbabes at #gti35 party. pity I didn't get a closer shot. go c tmr la u guys! #sexy#sgig @sgig

Finally, here's a parting shot of me at Strictly Pancakes for dinner after the event, with a rockstar tattoo that I got meself at the booth (had to endure little kids' stares while I queue for it).

If you are reading this, and it is still early and you have no plans for Sunday, get your lazy ass out, call some buds and head on down to the Stadium Link to enjoy a day of fun and excitement in a location that is freaking cool. All expenses (almost) paid if you have the food vouchers and open to public, I don't know why this isn't on the headline of the national newspaper. If you don't have food vouchers, just fill your tummy first before going. Remember to bring your cameras or charge your iPhone and snap away! The fun starts from 10am all the way to 9pm.

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