Hidden Find: Old School Delights at Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore

Here's a gem - a cafe along Upper Thomson Road called Old School Delights which serves up everything "old school". Opened perhaps just a year ago, this cosy cafe provided me with some sanity by serving up comfort food after a long day of work and class. This place is also steeped with Singaporean culture and history that the younger generation like me still can appreciate and reminsce (for the older Singaporean generation, they just need to go to kopitiams).

Bonus points for the shop decor and ambiance as well! Everything there is themed, right to the little toy box on each table. There's also a shelf filled with old school toys at the entrance. The chalkboard walls also harks of primary school times when teachers used to throw chalk at unattentive students (:P). To me, all these little details are what I appreciate about the cafe - you know it is started with much passion and love such that the owner cares about these things to bring a complete experience for the patrons.

What I really liked too is that their food has no msg or artificial things added. Because that's how your mom and grandma will cook at home. Read the intro. 

Here's the toy box filled with wonderful treasures. What's inside?

Five stones, Donkey, tikam tikam and the paper aeroplane game! There's a different assortment per box. Isn't this so cool! After or while waiting for the meal, we can play :)

Here's the interior. There was a bunch of girl friends at that table playing heart attack. That's SO cute cos they are probably mothers or grandmother age but they still catch up and have fun!

Food at Old School Delights is also rather enjoyable. All traditional snacks and meals that is so familiar. For example, kueh pie tee!

There is also mee siam. Quite yummy but well, this is overpriced since most mee siams outside can go for as low as 2 bucks. This is around 7 if I am not wrong.

This is my favorite - the macaroni chicken soup. Look at it. It is really as if my mum made it! There is fishballs, fish cakes, carrots, chicken shreds, lettuce and some fried onion oil. Behind there is a glimpse of their moist banana cake. Super good too.

Look at their utensils!

Overall I would really recommend that you check out this place. Ambience gets 100%. It is quiet because their ceiling is quite high and sound does not bounce around much, which I really appreciate. It is also cosy and comfortable. Some of the food items are really overpriced but you are not paying just for that plate in front of you - there are other things to enjoy too and it is definitely worth it!

Look at what they served the ice water in. Kopi cups! Where to find! Next time I wanna try out their chocolate cakes which looks absolutely mouthwatering.

Old School Delights
215M Upper Thomson Road, Singapore
Tel: +65 6458 4518
Tue–Fri: 11.30am – 10.30pm , Sat–Sun: 11am – 10.30pm, (Closed on Mon)

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