I Love Ice Cream - Singapore's first ice cream bash at Clarke Quay

First read about this on Yahoo news a couple of days ago. It says it is Singapore's first ice cream bash and will feature 12 ice cream stalls including Salted Caramel.. and others! Being a little bit of a ice cream fan, I marked it down on my calendar and went there today.

It was described as "Central Court Clarke Quay" on the article. That actually turned out to be incorrect, because it was situated at the Central Fountain Square. We initially thought it was at Central mall above Clarke Quay MRT, but luckily we parked at the carpark near Zirca and walked towards the fountain for some strange reason. It's easier to say that this event is happening outside the Highlander/Clinic/Pump Room pubs, right in the middle! Thus it is sheltered, but non-airconditioned!

Expected the space to be bigger, but the organisers managed to pull of a carnival/festival atmosphere, props to them for doing so. A total of 12 stalls were featured and it was really crowded by 6.30pm. Salted caramel, scoopz, soyato, brownice, latte & miele, oliyve, chocolate & gelato, haato & co., scoop of art, scoopy's & cream and one more. We also got free ice cream vouchers courtesy of Starhub, DBS credit card, and liking the Starhub Entertainment facebook page so basically it was free to taste at least 2 cups of ice cream.

Let the pics speak for themselves!

I like the expression of the lady in front of this stall. Haha.

The Umbra ice cream from this stall, Chocolate & Gelato, is really unique. Made from some Malaysian fruit and sour plum, super refreshing and their star item.
We also tried their lime gelato frozen on a stick coated with white chocolate. Very yums.
 We were massively cheated by this stall, Scoopy's & Cream. Even the name is slightly retarded. Basically its thick chocolate sauce frozen with liquid nitrogen. The effect was really cool and we saw them making it so we were like oooh. Wanted to redeem a free scoop, but the guy told us its only up to $2 and we have to top another 3 bucks for the chocolate butterscotch. We did, suckers. Haha. Not worth it at all! (Unless you have a plain scoop of vanilla ice cream and want to make a sundae with the choco sauce).

This was the Apple Strudel free ice cream from Seventh Heaven. This shop is one of my fav (taka basement) but their free ice cream is really bad tasting. Does not taste anything like apple strudel, and is in a weird chemical green colour (sponsored by Starhub?).
 Salted Caramel! Still undoubtably one of the best in show. Brownice was pretty cool though, they had CURRY ice cream (tasted weird) and masala chai (tasted awesome, we redeemed a cup).

Go for the event tomorrow if you have time, it starts from 5 till 11! There are also free performances and a photo booth for you to take pics.
 We love ice cream!

Lastly, there's a "guess how many ice cream sticks" thing you can fill up too. Nah, here's a preview, maybe one of you will get it right? Good luck!

  1. Hey, so how many ice cream sticks did you guessed?

  2. @al sim: haha i didn't fill up the form cos it was so crowded! if i had to guess, i'll say.. 967 sticks! :P you?