Food Review: Rong Cheng Ba Kut Teh, 22 Sin Ming Rd, Singapore

Other than fancy french food and novelty coffees, I do love my chinese simple fare. In fact, every Sunday I would go with my primary school mates on a breakfast brunch/lunch hunt all over Singapore! Having a car for all of us is no doubt very useful as well. However, we all live around the AMK/Bishan/Thomson area, so we tend to favour these areas a lot for good ol' favorites.

I also kept telling Vic that only good old heartlands have good food. Punggol? Pffft. (He defends that Punggol has good stuff too because he does real estate there, haha. OK, I believe, when we go there next time.)

So last Sunday, we revisted Rong Cheng Ba Kut Teh again because it was drizzling, its cold and a warm bowl of peppery soup will do just fine.

Sin Ming Ba Kut Teh it is, among other choices like founders, admiralty, amk.. Are you ready to salivate?

It was delicious, as usual. The rib had to be consumed caveman style, there is no other way. I also prefer the light soup to the dark herbal one. This one could be more peppery though, it is not as peppery compared to Founder's at Balestier. It is however much less exorbitant. For $6 you get a big rib, some other pieces of juicy meat, and rice, I think.

It also comes with the salted vegetables, and the peanuts. You can return them if you don't like so you don't get charged. They are not free.

The full spread. The guys also ordered a very fatty piece of pig's trotters! Apparently, meat are juicy only because of the fat content they have which elicits a saliva response in your mouth, making you think they are juicy. This fact was kindly provided by peng, writer of gyuto food blog.

For me, I love to have my bkt with a bowl of dry white rice, and drench it with soup and some dark sauce with chili. This is a good place for a late breakfast -- with the monsoon rains this December, I urge my readers to go try it soon, but do expect a crowd on weekends!

Also, the Ah Orh zichar at the same coffeeshop does a roaring business at night with seafood and etc. Very delicious as well. That warrants another blog post altogher!

Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh (Rou Gu Cha)
Block 22 Sin Ming Road, Singapore 570022
Tel: +65 9754-4774
Operating Hours: Daily from 7am to 4pm
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  1. Merry X'Mas Alexis...ya me too, I luv BKT too. Going to eat it for lunch today but it's in AMK area.