I love mashups 2 - DJ Earworm and DJ Trademark 2011

Found out yesterday that DJ Earworm has once again released his highly anticipated United State of Pop 2011 mashup. However, it was not that catchy - in fact I call it uninspired. Perhaps this year he didn't have a good selection of pop. Colin says he cheated because he didn't use Billboard Top 25! Agreed.

Here's his mashup anyway. You can download the mp3 on his website.

However, when I tweeted about DJ Earworm's, a tweep replied and asked me to check out DJ Trademark instead, and I did. It was cool, so here it is!

I did a search on youtube and found a 50-song pop 2011 mashup by Daniel Kim which totally rocks!

Do let me know if there are any more good 2011 mashups yea and I'll add it in before the year ends. in a few days. Happy 2012!
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  1. Hi Alexis,
    Thanks for reaching out. I enjoy your entries a lot, it's such a pleasure to read your blog :)