Sweet Eats: Ah Chew Desserts at Bugis Singapore

I've always been going to this joint, but found out a few days ago that there are apparently some people who do not know about this place! It is Ah Chew Desserts at Liang Seah Street - a very popular traditional Chinese dessert stall which found the right formula between traditional sweets and modern eat.

The place is always packed, particularly with the younger crowd. You won't see no granny sitting here having her bowl of tau suan, for sure! How it work: Queue for an assigned seat, read the menu plastered under the glass of the table, decide on your order and order at the counter with your table number at hand. Pay up, go back and within 5 minutes the desserts will arrive.

I used to order their star item - mango sago with pomelo or, 杨枝甘露, but find myself not satisfied with it recently. Therefore on my last trip I got a egg chestnut dessert ($2.10) which I really liked.

My friend ordered the yam dessert thinking its yam paste, but in the end it turned out to be yam cubes in a coconut-ty gravy. Kinda like borbor cha cha.

Anyway, most of their desserts are always quite refreshing, though I would stay off the grass jelly ones cos I find them rather expensive for something quite common. Try their steamed milk or mango pomelo instead, or the chestnut egg dessert which is really good!

Ah Chew Desserts
1 Liang Seah Street, #01-11 Liang Seah Place, Singapore
+65 6339 8198
Tue–Fri: 12.30pm – 11.30pm, Sat–Sun: 1.30pm – 11.30pm (Closed on Mon)
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  1. My favourite place to go when i visit Bugis area. =)