Food Review: Foo House at Picardy Garden, Singapore

Sick of seeing the reminder on how I lost my iPhone on the 30th of Dec, I decided to blog about happier times instead, this time with my Christmas Eve dinner. Unbeknownst to many, this little gem of a Hainanese-Western cafe and bar with a very punny name of Foo House resides in the very ulu area of the East, somewhat near Bedok and Tampines. I'm not a Eastie so I won't know.

But do you want to know where to find the best homemade iced lemon tea in Singapore? Then read on. I know, weird right.

The cafe itself is very homely - you feel like you're dining at someone's house. However it was well-staffed and actually not too rowdy for a night like Christmas Eve. Very family-oriented place, I see ah gongs and ah mas dining there with their grandchildren.

We ordered a pumpkin soup to share, and it was really good and smooth, with crunchy pumpkin seeds as well. Would be a tad better if its just slightly thicker, but the flavour is there. 

And this is the star item -- iced lemon tea, frothy and freshly made from the bar. I don't know why it is so awesome, perhaps its the tea base, the tang of lemon, the airy froth from being shaken, or just the right amount of sweetness, but this glass of iced lemon tea is really unbelievably the best iced lemon tea in Singapore. Since I drink ILT all the time in restos, I know my teas.

Once I got over my delight in the tea (can't stop sipping it!), its time for the mains. For that, we ordered a steak with mashed taters and roasted duck. The mashed potatoes are really nicely done, and would have gone very well with my duck too! Too bad the waiter did not ask me which side I would like and I ended up with fries.

For the steak, it is really soft and juicy, so I reckon it is a good solid piece of cooking right there. My duck also had really crispy and juicy skin, coupled with the meat that melts off the bone. Rather like duck confit, but not so gooey since you can still taste the meat itself.

Overall a great place to have a good dinner without paying exorbitant food prices. Go try their iced lemon tea! Their western food is pretty good since its renowned for being made by a former big hotel chef. Location is a bit out of the way, but recently I have been going to these quite a lot -- simply to escape the maddening crowd that is Singapore these days. Quite a hidden find, this one.

Foo House Cafe and Bar 
6 Jalan Pari Burong, Picardy Garden, Singapore
Tel: +65 6445 3110
Daily: 12pm–3pm, 6pm–10pm
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  1. Hi Alexis,
    if you ever come back in the area, you might want to try One Bistro, wine bar, which is in the same block, 2 or 3 shophouses closer to the canal. It's about the same price range and in our opinion offers an even better quality both regarding food (Western style) and wines. We call it our new "hidden gem".
    Enjoy ;)