New hair look, brunch and dinner party!

So I had quite an eventful weekend. and yes this post is not about food, not much anyway!

2 days ago after French class, I decided I would like to do my hair. I've ignored it long enough and all my white hair's showing amidst a sea of brown grass. I felt this compelling need to sort it out on that very day but when I called my regular hairdresser they were closed for CNY! So I decided to go back to AMK.. and wandered up to a salon at AMK central. 

So the story goes, that I told the pair of very friendly and kind hairdressers, that I want to dye my hair red, like an ombre style of red. 

So I showed them the red I wanted, photo taken from the Salon Vim facebook page (should have gone there lah): 

Their reply? This one is very outdated! Where got nice? 2 patch like that, anybody also can do! 

Well I agreed, it kinda looked a bit odd like that, so I asked perhaps they can streak it and then increase the streaks. Sure they say, that's called highlighting, but they will do it in bigger streaks. Noooo I said, it's not like that.

So I showed them another photo (also by Salon Vim, their cruise color collection). How about liddis, I asked.

Their reply? "It's fake lah! They just clipped hair extensions on the girl and rebond the hair! Hair piece!"

-_-||| Seriously... it's not I told them, but they adamantly refuse to listen. 

So I told them, i think if I want really red I will need to bleach, then dye it red but they practically jumped backwards in shock. Another round of vehement persuading "listen to us, we hairstylist we know one, bleach is really bad for your hair and you cannot do anything to it after that like perm or straighten  ("but I can cut it off if I don't want it anymore") and the bleach will grow upwards ("?!?!"). And that the red will fade away after 1 week and I will have brassy blonde hair.

So anyways, they showed me a swatch of a red hair next using their color chart saying nah, this one you don't have to bleach, and it will last longer, and its nicer.. so I thought, ok, sure, if you say so. 

Plus I die die wanna dye.

On hindsight I realized that the swatch must have been dyed on a blonde base. -_-

I was all excited when they were dying it too! The first half of my scalp was in a dark black red to cover up any whites, and I thought its smart cos it will hide any outgrowth from the red later on, plus tone down the color a little. The 2nd half had flourescent orange red dye applied to it! I was like HO MY GOD excites. So I sat there patiently for 2 hours, including the wash.

So after the wash I was in front of the mirror and all excited.. and off came the towel and all I saw was wet black hair. Can you imagine I was like... "oh."

Got more and more sad thinking about it, but hoping it will lighten after they dry it. After drying, still the same. I held my tongue during the whole thing, but at the end I couldn't resist the "I had thought it is going to be brighter red". Of course their reply was "oh no, but you have to bleach, cannot. Anyway this colour very natural, looks very nice one!"

Sure. Well they were really nice to me, but I guess it was like having your parents dye your hair -- they will never wanna do anything harmful to it. Berated myself for not going to town to dye it where they will basically do whatever you tell them to.

Anyway, came home, still feeling slightly cheated (since I paid 160 bucks for the whole thing, including a hair trim and treatment). 

Sunday the next day, I met up with Rux for her birthday treat at Choupinette!

That was when I realized in the day time, that hey, my hair IS red! In the sun it is way more obvious.

In my room too, against the sun and ceiling light. Yea this is the red I want. 

So after that I felt much better. In fact, I've grown to love it more today because I think it sort of looks hologramic! The effect is really cool cos it's subtle but yet very noticeable sometimes. And a lot of my colleagues noticed too, which means there IS some colour. Yay!

Choupinette was good as usual. Smoked salmon with poached eggs on toast and buttery hollandaise sauce.

After brunch, I went home and organized my makeup collection, thinking that I will make it easier for me to find my colours. But no! I think I need more organizing boxes..

All that organizing almost made me lose the hold on time, but finally I went to a friend's place for a popiah party! Apparently the popiah recipe is handed down for generations. How can I miss it!

The things were also served in elaborate blue-white china. Very proper and formal, makes it really fun. We had so much fun making our own popiahs - fat, skinny, long, short, SPICY, garlicky, sweet..

Lastly here's a pic of Sharpey the border collie! She is ball obsessed and would run after the tennis ball PLUS drop it if you ask her to so you can throw it for her again. Such a cutie!

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