Europe Summer 2011 Day 5 - Paris

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

I just discovered that I did not finish blogging about my trip last year to Paris even though I had uploaded the pics long time ago! I just needed to fill in the captions and describe the day. So i am ploughing through, since I've already prepped the pics! Hopefully I can remember what went on! Will keep it short, but sweet. Hope you enjoy :)

5 June 2011

Woke up bright and early with the plan to visit the Louvre. We did, but completely did not have enough time to finish everything.

Taking a breakfast before we start the day! It's insane how pricey breakfasts are in France. Perhaps we were in the Louvre/touristy area and didn't know where to go, but they like to charge an arm AND a leg for a cup of orange juice. Like seriously, its just sour orange coloured liquid! But well, when in paris, do as parisians does..

When we were done, its time to join the queue. There were 2 ducks swimming leisurely.

Saw the Mona Lisa or La Jaconde, it was underwhelming but I had expected that. This was the crowd in that room. It's so small, the painting! Compared to the colossal painting that is right opposite of the Mona Lisa.

Had to take this shot.

Walls and walls are filled with these gorgeous french paintings. this is what happens when people don't have television and internet.

We both quite liked this very dramatic and famous painting called The Intervention of the Sabine Woman by Jacques-Louis David.

This was the view outside one of the windows. As you can see, a lovely day!

A collage of the things we browsed through as we practically ran through the museum. The egyptian collection's really interesting, and so was Napolean's chambers.

Next up, we met with our french ex-colleague, Fabian, to have lunch at Ave Montaigne!
The food was quite good, but for the life of me I cannot remember the bistro's name. Not famous, then.

We then made our way around more of Paris, and was at the Place de la Concorde.

We then took a train to see the Notre Dame Cathedral! Finally!

It's a really cool church, and I really like the area around it with all the art stalls.

We then walked across the river to find the acclaimed Shakespeare and Co., which turned out to be a very american indie bookstore. It was a shame, since we were expecting a quaint french one. Still, quite a good place to hang out! They have their own memorabilia too.

Next up, nearby.. the most famous ice cream shop in Paris - Berthillon! Scott read about this in the NYT as one of the must-try of the city. Of course we are there.

Look at all the amazing flavours!

We were not disappointed, it was super good. Bring me back there, s'il vous plait..

We then walked around more, and ended up at the Le Marais area again, I think. I had a salidou crepe during our tea time. After that we bade adieu to Fabian, and continued our way again! He was so sweet to meet up with us to show us around the city!

We went to the 2nd most famous macaron shop of the city. Ladurée! It recently went up in flames, literally, which made me really sad, but they seemed to have recovered from it, and also have started expanding their business into makeup. Which is strange since its macarons to makeup, but clever to use their super pretty packaging to the fullest!

Just like Pierre Herme, they have super colourful yummilicious macarons on display. Look at all the boxes behind that the lady is packing! Their mint green packaging with the floral design is really the Tiffany & Co. of Paris.

So we had to try them. They tasted good, but not as good as Pierre Herme!

After Laduree, we hopped to Galleries Lafayette for a quick peak. Then we went to meet up with Ben and Malika again at the Palais Royale Metro. This time, to get bubble tea! They call it 'zen zu' tea there, and this stall is run by Taiwanese, it was so strange to speak with them in mandarin. Hurhur.

This cup of bubble tea was like.. 4.50 euros? It's a lot! Most expensive cup of bbt I've ever drank, but at least the quality is not too bad.

We then walked to the Grand Palais with the hope of seeing an exhibition Ben said is cool.

Sadly, the exhibition is closed! What a bummer. Well, perhaps next time.

So we went for dinner instead, since it was already close to 8. It is at this restaurant that sells the BEST beef tartare in Paris. I'm not kidding. It's recommended by Parisians, and I vouch for it.

First we had some "zero pointe" wine. Very self-aware wine, this.

This is their menu board. No restaurant name, damn! I'll need to find that out.

We ordered the pea soup and beef carpaccio (?) for starters to share. Both were absolutely delicious.

Next up the main item. Beef tartare, in alllll its glory. 

Some people might find it gross, but honestly its like having a beef sashimi. Even the dressing tastes a little bit like wasabi cos they use horse radish. But really, this beef tartare was so tender, so fresh and so sumptuous, just looking at it makes me wanna fly back to Paris already. Luckily (or not?) I am not a princess with a private jet.

And with that we ended Day 5 with a bloody and satisfying meal. Oh, this city has so much to give...
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  1. I want to go to Paris again!!! Waaaa!

  2. The restaurant's name is Les Fines Gueules
    Address: 2 Rue la Vrillière, 75001 Paris, France
    Phone:+33 1 42 61 35 41