Beauty Essentials: 5 drugstore products for face & hair

'Scuse me guys, while I go into some girly blogging. Feel free to skip this post as it is completely irrelevant for you. Regular food porn will be up soon enough.

Here's a five-in-one post about makeup and beauty for the girls! instead. So amidst all the food stuff, I thought I'll also share on this blog some of the drugstore products that I own that I quite liked after a while. The beauty of this is all of it came from your regular drugstores - watsons, guardians so they are very easy to purchase and it's relatively inexpensive.

From left: 

1. Revlon ColorStay Makeup with SoftFlex SPF 6 Liquid Foundation

This is super highly raved on MakeupAlley (no. 8 of top 10 most reviewed on MUA) and there is a reason why. Can't remember the price, but should also be around the $20-25 range? The coverage is very good because it evens out your skin perfect and it is easy to apply, though the pour out bottle and the plasticky smell are the only 2 things I don't like. Its staying power is also very strong. In fact this is an industrial strength liquid foundation, I would say. You will definitely need a good makeup remover for this too because I found that even with water + soap + scrubbing on my hand the stuff doesn't come off. Good for clubbing/dinners, not so good for everyday wear!

2. Skin79 Hot Pink Super+ Bablesh / Blemish Balm

For lighter coverage though still wanting to even out the skin I use the Skin79 BB cream. I only purchased it recently in December, but so far it worked quite well the few times I wear it. The cream is slightly sticky and in a greyish light shade when you apply it to your face but after a while it will dry out and be powdery, and also adjust to your skin tone magically.

I also really like the hot pink packaging. The one I have is in the smallest size because I wanted to try it out first. I think it was around $20+ or 19.90. Not too expensive!

Here's also a great video by one of my fav. makeup gurus Jen on Youtube (she's korean american, so pretty!).

3. Liese Hair Cocktail Moisturizing Hair Serum

I was using Essential hair serum before but found this a much better alternative. The peach scent is very pleasant and I like how it is a mixture of oil and other things to smooth out my frizz. People who know me know that I have rather boomz hair. I use this in the morning before I step out of the house. I do think its power is not that long lasting, though that's usually because I skip on the hair conditioner the night before so during midday my hair goes back to its rebellious frizz again.

I might however, try out the Mythic Oil that was reviewed on after I am done with this bottle since it looks quite amazing as well!

4. Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion

One drop locks up an ocean. I own a gazillion million oceans then. It was highly recommended by Scott to us before, and I bought it on an impulse because I sometimes get flaky dry skin on my face. Turns out it is a great buy indeed! I like it because it is very very light - like putting water on your face. In Singapore's weather it is quite impossible to use creams or lotions as moisturiser. Also because my face is oily combination, the heavier stuff seems too much to stand on my face. This one however feels like it is readily absorbed whenever I apply after a shower. Pat pat here, pat pat there. Done!

5. Bioré Cleansing Oil-in-Cotton

I've first seen some blogs doing advertorials for them so I've decided to go buy some and try too. Turns out it's the best thing I've ever done because this product is so good! I used to have some Simple makeup remover sheets which is really useless, then I just used my L'Oreal eye makeup remover for eyes and face will just be my cleanser, which of course is definitely not enough if you are using waterproof makeup, especially for the face. I'm talking about industrial strength liquid foundations, eyelash glue, waterproof eyeliner.. all these are removed in a few swipes with the super moist wet wipe. It feels very satisfying to see all your makeup appear on the wipe actually. Definitely gonna repurchase the refill pack once I am done with this box!

So there you go. My drugstore beauty recommendations! Let me know if you decide to try any of them out!
  1. Yah! I love the revlon foudation and hado labo. Gone through many bottles of them. Been wanting to try the Skin 79 BB cream, gotta get my hands one one soon...

  2. I've got more "Good buys" to recommend dear, aside from the Hado Labo. I will do one on Men's stuff. =D
    - Scott

  3. where did you read the biore advertorials from?

    1. on singaporean blogs! i think xiaxue and some others did advertorials on them a while back..

  4. I'm using a different brand of hair serum but I don't see any effects from it so I'm looking for a new one. I would try Liese Hair Cocktail Moisturizing Hair Serum as you have suggested here. Thank you. hair cutting classes