Finally! An iPhone 4S

So as many of you might recall, I lost my phone on 30th Dec 2011. So for the past 2 months I had been going around with an iPhone 3GS that my cousin lent me. I am super thankful she had the spare set to lend me, but I needed a decent camera. badly. the 3GS was good for everything, except the camera was really not as good (esp after I've had the 4's), but I don't exactly have a pro digital camera lying around anyway. plus I can't tweet/instagram/path from that too.

and thus, I was convinced I need the 4S. after an unsuccessful attempt at starhub to sign for one, its time to look on to HWZ..

So i looked and looked and found some promising ones. I contacted a seller who is offering a 2month old black iphone 4s 16gb for $800. The retail from apple store is $938 for 16gb. So I made plans to meet with him on Sat night at 8.30pm at ION, after watching a colleague's gig there. But I texted thrice after 8.30pm and called once at 9pm.. and no reply. It was a no show. The sense of disappointment was so huge, to be stood up by an iPhone seller!

So I went home, sadface and all, and looked on HWZ some more. Too late to SMS people though, so I left it for Sunday. Then on Sun morning, that black iphone seller got back to me and said his phone batt died so he couldn't deal! Offered to meet me wherever is convenient for me to deal that day, and sounded sincere so I replied ok, 3.30 at bishan since I was at my friend's house playing a board game after lunch.

Guess what. At 3.15pm he texted me again to say he found parts of the iphone screen unresponsive, thus he will have to bring it in to singtel to have a look, but said I am welcome to let him know if I am still interested after that.


Of course I said not interested, thanks. WOW can you believe that douchebag of a guy?! He probably changed his mind about the deal or got a higher bidder so he decided to stand me up AGAIN using a lousy excuse! I was so pissed off!

So anyway. I calmed down, went for coffee, and then home. Went home and back on HWZ and texted a guy who is selling a brand new set (receipt dated 24 feb) for $850. MTLBBB.

That guy immediately replied to say yes phone still avail can deal tonight. So i asked if we can deal like.. NOW, cos I've got cash on me. Amazingly he replied back and said no problem, and we set the place to meet. And I went to meet him. Everything was fine, it was a genuine set with receipt, box and even a starhub paper bag.

So on that fateful evening of 27 Feb 2012, I bought the new iPhone 4s.

You might not realize it, but the iphone screen is SO clear.. and the photos are SO amazing. I am in love all over again with the iPhone.

Expect me to be back with a vengeance with more blog posts, more twitpics, instagrams and more path pics! 
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