Where to repair your iPhone home button

Jan 2017 update: I had an old post originally here since 2012 on repairing your iPhone home button in Hougang and Sim Lim, but I have since found a place in Sim Lim that I can recommend with the utmost confidence, so I've deleted the previous entry to replace with this one.

I found Atomware Singapore by googling for "iphone repair singapore" and it was in the first page. I had a faulty Bluetooth/WIFI antenna in my iPhone 6 (secondhand) that was there since day one but I was too lazy to fix. A random quote by a shop in AMK Central said it will cost me $110 and one full day to fix. I can't deal with that. So after coming back from Bintan recently (where my phone totally did not pick up any wifi signals at all despite my friend's and my iPad doing so), I decided to google and search properly.

iphone repair singapore

Turns out it was just S$45 and 20 mins to fix, and it worked perfectly after that. The shop specialises in iPhone repairs and has close to 60k likes on their FB Page, with loads of my techie friends liking it. That's why I decided to message them on Facebook for a quote (and got a reply within 2 hours!).

Anyway, I would highlight recommend them. This is completely non-sponsored nor was my repair free. Deets below!

Atomware Singapore
Sim Lim Square #05-52, 1 Rochor Canal Road, Singapore
Message Facebook Page for a quote or SMS/Whatsapp 93220099
11.30am to 8pm from Mondays to Saturdays, 12pm to 7pm on Sundays/PH

  1. can i hijack ur post, normally the button wun spoil, its cos of the dirt that create contact resistnance, i do the repair/servicing right in front of you, takes about 20 minute but only avaliable at night via appointment in hougang, you can email me @ markng1022@hotmail.com for my contact number, TY!

    I charge $20-$25 for successful repair &
    No Charges for unsuccessful repair!

  2. We are flowing a massive amount of 3G Glass Replacements through our business these days – iPhone repair 4 are steadily growing and I want to clear up a few inquiries right here:
    1. The 3G/3GS Glass and Digitizer WILL NOT WORK in your iPhone 4. As they look similar, they are 100% different products and not interchangeable.
    2. The iPhone 4 screen Repair is more expensive than the 3G and 3GS iPhone Glass Repair. The reason is that the iPhone 4 version of the glass was an assembly of the glass, digitizer, and LCD screen. The 3G version has a separate LCD screen, and therefore it’s a less expensive assembly.
    3. You cannot just replace the glass on the iPhone 4. To fix a cracked glass on an iPhone 4 we must replace the glass, digitizer and the LCD as I stated above. These parts are (for a lack of better term) “fused” together from the factory. There is just no way to safely separate and reuse any of these parts.
    4. You cannot use “plexiglass” and perform your own “cheap” repair. This is ridiculous. I have seen posts advising this and I challenge anyone to prove that they can get the touch digitizer and LCD off of their broken glass front and get it to work with a home made plexiglass front. Can’t be done.
    5. We do sell “Do-it-yourself” iPhone 4 Glass assemblies . You can find them on our website. The 3G version is much easier but it’s still only for the very “technically inclined” end user.
    This will help with some of the common questions, for sure. We know that there are many theories out there but you can take solid advice from us here at Mission Repair. We’ve repaired THOUSANDS of units and it makes perfect sense to listen to the voice of experience. Still have questions?
    Check - www.iphoneapplerepairs.co.uk