Brunch Hangout: Arbite at 66A Serangoon Gardens Way, Singapore

Arbite has taken Singapore by storm! For some reason I've been seeing this place being blogged about several times just recently - perhaps it was a chain reaction from some cleverly chosen invited food reviews, but whatever it is, this cosy little bistro is now joining the list of styled brunch places to have some coffee and eggs at. Can't believe I've never discovered it sooner since I live near Serangoon Gardens, but am glad to have visited it today with my friends! We've made plans for this a week ago, so I had been eagerly anticipating this then as a reward on a weekend.

Just right beside the circular bus stop that Serangoon Gardens is famous for, and right beside Sushi Tei and Borsche Steakhouse, this little cafe is nestled on the second floor of that block which makes it very unnoticeable.

I quite liked the decor inside, which is typical ikea-chic. This medium high table looks rather comfortable! The open windows lets light shine in too so it gave it a merry lightness.

There were some nice paintings on the wall, and there is a book shelf as well! The ambience is quite relaxed and casual. It was also very full on a Saturday at 2pm. Their last order for lunch is at 2.30pm so I am glad we made it!

On to the food! I brought ammo this time round in my quest to become one of the best food blogs in Singapore - ok well I try. The ammo is in the form of the very lovable art director colleague and friend of mine, Natalie aka creativebunny! She posts great stuff up on and also owns a Canon 550D DSLR because she loves to do food photography as well, and we both enjoy checking out new places. So we made plans to check this place out together today, and have lunch together together with Selena (a great singer) and conquer the world. That's the plan.

Then we got distracted by the food. Henceforth all the photos are by Natalie, and they are superb! A DSLR in the hands of an art director is really something different...

The flat white ($3.50) she ordered was really good according to her. It is light yet aromatic - does not leave you with the disgusting aftertaste of some 'indie' coffees which do not sit well. I had my usual iced latte ($5), and since there are probably so many shot of those, I omitted it. Good to know that the place has good coffee though!

I am really hungry right now, but I shall persevere. Nat had the Eggs Benedict ($10.90) since she wants to taste the ones outside. She makes her own poached eggs with hollandaise sauce! That, I am impressed. If one can make poached eggs, one can make anything! It was according to her - "VERY good". I tried it and I liked it too. The hollandaise sauce is just the right consistency. The eggs could be prettier though!

Next up, the Tagliatelle with Grilled Vegetables ($14.90) was the lunch of choice for Selena, here with her Sony micro-4/3s NEX camera which is also super super nice. Its quite a strong competitor to the Olympus PEN! Also it can be retrofitted with Nikon lenses. I like this shot a lot!

Oh wait - the pasta. MAGNIFIQUE. It was al dente, and apparently freshly made everyday at the shop. It is very very good too from the bite I took. The tomato sauce was just nice, not too salty and the pasta was firm yet delicate. I don't exactly know how to describe it properly - you have to go try it yourself. I am planning to go there for dinner and have it! With the feta cheese and grilled eggplants, doesn't it just look like such a party on a plate?

Finally, for the last item - the Arbite Breakfast ($15.90). Well I HAD to try it since it kind of represents the place doesn't it? Also it happens to be one of my favoritest food in the world - all-day breakfast involving scrambled eggs, toast and sausages. The meal was really satisfying - perhaps even close to soul food kind of level. 

The round things you see there are little tater tots.. and a bacon rose just beside! I liked the baked beans.. the sauteed mushrooms was also juicy.. the grilled tomato half excellent and the chicken(?) sausage juicy and nicely flavored. The star of this plate however lies in that unassuming pieces of toast and the butter. They are amazing. I love thick toast and this one was not burnt, but crispy on the outside soft on the inside and the butter was salted and so good. So good.

In terms of generosity though it pales a little compared to Food for Thought's Full Works breakfast set. However I was so stuffed at the end of the meal even when I had some help! So I am glad they did not give me so much eggs or everything else. 

One more shot, just cos it looks like bliss personified (and on a plate) - that butter cube is calling out to me...

"I am so happy to find another great brunch and even lunch/dinner place that is near my house! Other than the slightly noisy ambience, there is no greasy smell and the place has really good food. There is also no GST but only 10% service charge which is really great."

66A Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555962
+65 62870430
Tue–Fri: 11.30am – 10.30pm
Sat–Sun: 11am – 10.30pm
  1. Hi Alexis,
    Thank you for the link up to Six&Seven! :)
    I can't wait to head down to Arbite to try out their new dishes.

    PS. I use a Sony NEX too, like Selena. Ha

  2. Generosity pales in comparison to food for thought, and yet you need help to finish it.

    Err.......... so much for small serving.

  3. I had the squid ink pasta, the tuna salad, & tomato soup. The food was tasteless, the tuna salad had a one-dimensional taste that overpowered the taste of the tuna and spinach... I'm really surprised at the lack of complementing flavors... With the same ingredients, I promise that I could make you far better food.