Event Report: Bosch Chefs Face-Off at Savour 2012

I was invited to the Bosch event yesterday at the trade day of Savour 2012 by my friend. I was really excited as well, since I've never been to a gourmet food fair, much less a VIP entrance to it and a great event to kick it off!

To celebrate 50 years of cooking, Bosch held this event at Savour 2012 to showcase their kitchen appliances.

It is a brilliant move, because most people don't really know Bosch that well, or that they even do home appliances related to the kitchen! I know I was ignorant of that prior to the event for sure.

Upon going to the fully airconditioned tent, we see 3 sections - the "bar" right at the end of the end facing the door, and 2 kitchen countertops facing each other at the sides of the tent.

Also, at a very warm and humid 11.30am, this sight greeted me.

There was a renowned mixologist to create mocktails for the guests. Unfortunately no liquor license, but I don't mind cos I love mocktails!

I had a "Mosquito" I think. A mock Mojito. Very refreshing and minty sweet.

We were also treated to some finger food while waiting for the event to start. These were prepared by the "Western Chef" - salmon, mozzarella, foie gras. Very tasty!

Also some nicely presented Otah Cubes

And scallops which were very fresh, topped by some chinese seasonings that remind me of "chai poh".

There's a speech by the head of Bosch Singapore.

And the Chef Face-Off begins! On the Western frontier there is Chef Claudio Sandri, who is the head chef at Brasserie Wolf. He does french cooking, and for the event he is preparing a red snapper stuffed with ratatouille, oven baked with lemon sauce.

Then on the Asian frontier we have Chef John See, who owns a restaurant consultancy called "Asparagus". For the event he made fried brown rice with sesame seeds, because to him, rice represents everything asian and is also something that is hard-earned by farmers. So we must appreciate each grain we eat. 

So the chefs will cook and explain what they are doing, and then pass the mic to each other. It is rather cute because they have a healthy camaraderie going on. They are using Bosch kitchen appliances, and I especially like the induction stoves they are using because it just seems so safe, clean and easy!

The oven apparently is very smart because it has different settings like "Steak" or "Cake". Very useful for people who don't really know the specifics to cooking.. haha!

The chefs with their creations! Well done guys. It smelled so good.

And here's the fruits of their labour - an East meets West platter of fried brown rice with prawn and red snapper. It was very yummy but ultimately I preferred the fried rice because it has more flavour. The fish was fresh but there were bones (I have a bit of a phobia of fish bones) and it didn't really had much infusion from the ratatouille, butter and truffle oil...

Next up - it poured really badly! It rained so heavily that going out was not possible so we just hung out at the tent and talked. Met other food bloggers as well at the event, so happy to finally see them instead of read about their food. I met 365days2play, Hazel from aimakan, kevin from superadrianme, peter from hochiak.com and the Nathanael from rubbish eat, rubbish grow. Super fun!

Finally the rain abated and we adjourned to the masterclass tent for a quick tour, and then the VIP tent for some refreshments.  Would you look at the VIP ticket cost! D: 
Here's my wristband that I took a pic of at home with Mickey my dog in the background :P

At the VIP tent there were champagne, wine, coffee, and they were serving savoury and sweet snacks. Its rather strange to have the savoury snacks because they look like desserts.

This concoction is exactly what it is - a concoction. Very weird.

Here's the savoury snacks. Don't they look like sweet things? No! Tuna was on the choco muffin and there's sundried tomato on the bread.. and pumpkin paste on the other "vanilla cupcake". Quite cute.
Anyway I really enjoyed myself at the special Bosch event and the VIP tent. As it was raining I did not manage to check out the rest of the tents but I am going back there on Sunday! The event will continue from today till tomorrow in front of the F1 Pit Building. You got to purchase entrance tickets ($40 for day, $60 for night) and then get some Savour dollars ($1 for 1 Savour dollar) to buy the food at the tents. I saw Gunther's, Saint Pierre.. looks quite exciting. There's also masterclasses and groceries to be bought. Hopefully it won't be too expensive to taste the food. I'll be back with another report if I can on Savour 2012!

  1. Hey Alexis, Great meeting you at the Savour event!! Enjoyed myself very much, even the walking in the rain part! Ya Hazel, Sherie and I all thought the savoury items at the VIP booth tasted weird. Mushy and unidentifiable. We did manage to get this square chocolate treat, which was the most delicious thing there. I had like 3 pieces. Hope you managed to taste some. I went back again today and still didn't manage to cover everything.

  2. Nice report...and great to meet you at the event. Cheers.