Food Review: Everything With Fries at Holland Village

Once in a while, when you chance upon something so unexpected that it feels like lucky find, or a unbelievable stroke of goodness, you might feel so bewildered that you think it is just a fluke.

This is what happened with me at Everything With Fries at Holland Village. It was just a regular weekend and me and my friends were considering where to have dinner at when I suggested EwF because I tried their burgers over at their Orchard Central branch and it was pretty good the first time round (not so good the 2nd time). I also recall they have shoestring fries in plenty of flavours and nutella tart, which are both very good.

So we went! I should have taken a photo of the menu because now I am not too sure of their prices, and their website did not mention! Different from the fast food burgers they serve at OC, in the HV branch they have Western mains. Prices were okay though, and I really liked the decor of the white based restaurant, though it was super noisy and crowded on a Saturday evening during dinner time. Avoid that time if you can.

We were starving and ordered food quickly, though some items were out (wanted to try their chargrilled char siew!) All mains are served with a side of fries and caesar salad, which makes this whole thing super value for money. I believe this is about $12-$14. My friend had a lamb burger and picked the curry fries. The lamb burger was like in their Orchard Central branch, it had a fried bun and the lamb patty was juicy and packed with flavour. Must be quite satisfying if you are a lamb lover like Mary. The curry fries were awesome.

Next up, my other friend ordered the Pork Chop, also around the $12-$14 range. She picked the salt and vinegar fries and the pork was really good as well, because it wasn't too fatty. In fact it was quite a solid chunk of lean pork meat that stayed away from being rubbery like some steaks. The sauce was also so delicious, it made eating the dish a non-stop event.

Lastly.. the grand finale of what made the meal go from above average to simply OUT of this world amazing frickin fantabulous and unbelievable was the NZ King Salmon ($19). WOW. I don't think I am exaggerating when I say this must be the best cooked salmon I've ever had in my life.

No seriously. It completely melted in my mouth in a combination of salmon fats and oils. It was so succulent, so fresh, so heavenly..Coupled with the hollandaise/lemon butter sauce and the crumbly skin, our eyes all lit up when we tried it. This fish did not die in vain because it was so good, the enjoyment tipped over the 100% scale, also because we did not expect to be taste bombed by this innocent looking piece of fish in a pop art/almost fast food kind of restaurant famous for their fries and desserts. Not fish.

I had raved about this to my colleague and they went to try it last night and told me it was awesome too. So it wasn't just a fluke!

I also had it with the sour cream and onion shoestring fries. It tasted like Pringles but in fries format and it was so good. Can't. stop. eating. it. In my opinion, the best flavor among the bunch.

Also try their Nutella tart if you have space. I didn't but on a separate occasion had it and its really gooood.

If there is ONE thing you have order at this place, make it the King Salmon with the Sour Cream and Onion fries. This little well-designed restaurant started by the folks from Awfully Chocolate are cooking up the best salmon you can have on this side of the city.

Everything With Fries
40 Lorong Mambong, Holland Village, Singapore 277695
+65 64633741
Sun–Thu: 12pm – 11pm, Fri–Sat: 12pm – 1am
  1. Hey, if you would like to find out more about the outlets in Holland Village, just check out its web site at:

    You will find information on the 10 car parks around the vicinity and a complete directory of shops too.


    1. Hi HV SG, thanks for the info! That's really helpful.

  2. The fries were the greatest disappointing. What an irony that they are named "Everything with Fries". The other dishes tasted better than their fries and also we personally feel that the fries served by MacDonald's are nicer and cheaper too.

    Please do visit our review of the place @ soon!!