Food Review: Fika Swedish Cafe Bistro at 257 Beach Road/Arab Street, Singapore

What do you get when a Muslim girl marries a Swedish guy? Halal Swedish food of course! Other than Ikea, I've got a feeling there are less than 10 swedish restaurants in Singapore where one gets to try the cuisine, so Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro definitely stood out. Plus it being in the trendy and hip arab street area AND is halal means that it gets to attract the muslims as well. Thus you have a recipe for success!

Visited this restaurant on a fine Tuesday night for dinner before some work. Since this is near my workplace, it's a breeze to get to (3 bus stops away). The decor of the place is its strongest suite: it reminds me of an ikea showroom, yet at the same time more homely! It's white/off-white color combi shows you that with the right type of lights and furniture you can use the same color in various tones and not be boring.

At 7.30pm on a week night, there was a healthy crowd.

So on to the orders! There's this super weird thing on the menu called the Blueberry Soup (warm/cold). It claims to help improve memory and is good for your health. We decided to be adventurous, and ordered a WARM blueberry soup.

It appeared like this:

Like blood soup. So intriguing and so scary to try! But ok, it just tastes like warm ribena, its sweet and basically a juice. but warm, so its really odd. My advice is order this in a cold drink format instead.

Next, the super yummilicious looking Vegetarian Pasta Salad with smoked salmon add on! 

I say yummilicious looking because it is not the best tasting pasta I've had. It IS very generous in portions though. But the pasta was not really al dente and the dressing was interesting, but fell just a little bit short from amazing. An ok-dish to order, if you want something like to SHARE.

What's a Swedish cafe without the iconic meatballs right? So we ordered that too! Looks good?

Actually, it also did not taste as good as Ikea's. The meatballs are too soft and quite dry. The rest of the dish is standard.

So far, 3 out of 3 dishes were not up to par. But fret not because here comes the Grilled Chicken Crepe! It saved the meal from being super average, because this crepe was really delicious. The crepe itself tasted a bit like the peanut pancake, and it is sweet. The inside however, was a generous piece of grilled chicken with skin included, covered in mayonaise and other crepey goodness. Rather sinful, but the chicken was really juicy and the combination of the salty juicy inside and the sweet fresh crispy outside..  I would recommend 2 people to come in, order this, and share it.

And so, this was our meal! We spent about $20 per person I think, excluding drinks. The food was rather pricey in general for some items, but if you are adventurous, go beyond the meatballs and try something else.

Take a look at their PDF menu here.

"I would recommend this place for a try -- only lower your expectations, order the right things, and also enjoy the decor and fusion of cultures."

Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro
257 Beach Road / Arab Street, Singapore 520728
Tel: +65 63969096
Mon-Wed:11:00 am-10:00 pm, Thu - Sat: 11:00 am-11:00 pm, Sun: 11:00 am-10:00 pm

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