Hidden Find: Plain Vanilla Bakery at 34A Lorong Mambong, Holland Village Singapore

Was tipped off to this new cupcake place, Plain Vanilla Bakery, at Holland Village by stooffi, who also blogged about it. She was absolutely raving about this place, so I had to go try it out myself! It's not a very easy place to find, amidst all the rowdy crowds at Holland Village. Situated at the 2nd floor of a shophouse beside Cold Rock Creamery/La Nonna, and kind of opposite Wala Wala, you've gotta raise your head and find their window display. Therefore this blog post is also very much needed because it is not the type of shop that gets foot traffic! You HAVE to know about it or it can easily be missed.

Walking up the stairs to the place, and you will be immediately greeted by the shop front and kitchen. The owner told us she bakes the cupcakes everyday there in the morning!

The shop is petite, but very bright and cheery, and the owner is also very friendly and nice.

There was a huge batch of icing behind the counter.

These were left by the time I got there. Not much. Because there is a limited amount of cupcakes made every day, be sure to tweet them @pvbakery to check if the flavour you want to get is still available! Silly me thought I could tweet them for a "discount" instead of a "cupcake count", haha! So paiseh!

The shop is cute.

And here are their flavors and prices. 
Don't all of the cupcake flavors just look absolutely divine?!

Here, we got these 6 flavors. Strawberry white chocolate, red velvet, cookies and cream, milk chocolate banana, dark chocolate ganache and one that's mocha flavoured!

Tried 3 out of the 6, and the Red Velvet was my favorite, but the milk choc banana and mocha one was really good too! Apparently the strawberry white chocolate one is also very popular.

Word of mouth is very important to this small business. Want to support local business? Then share this post and also go try the cupcakes when you are in the area, because it is really excellent! I can't decide which ones are better, this or 12 Cupcakes, but I suspect the PV Bakery wins because it is more accessible and their ingredients are top-notch. Oh and check out their website, which is in a lovely MINT/white design that I love! To find out more about specials, visit their Facebook, or tweet them!

"Want some classic and high quality cupcakes made with all the care and detail that one can possibly put into baking? Then trek down to Holland Village and get yourself some delicious cupcakes for a self-indulgent treat or party delights because this store needs all your support!"

Plain Vanilla Bakery
34A Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277691
+65 64655942
Tue–Sat: 12pm – 8pm, Sun: 12pm – 6pm (Closed on Mon)
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