Beauty Review: April BellaBox

Now on to something other than food, I've received my first ever Bella Box a couple of days ago, and decided I'll blog about it!

The concept of the "mystery beauty box" has taken off in Singapore since December last year, with Bella Box, Vanity Trove and other brands. Bella however managed to rise above the rest because their launch was fabulous, and the packaging is the most appealing to me. For $15 a month, they will send you a box filled with samples and trial sized products which sometimes are quite value for money! Its quite a good idea because you can then buy the full-sized products from their website.

I subscribed to it because I heard that Benefit will be on board. And I would love to try Benefit, and am looking at the box for a while now so I decided to just subscribe and see what happens!

For the month of April, the theme is Flawless Beauty.

However, my excitement over receiving the box was replaced by disappointment when I opened up the box. Here are the 5 products. 

There was no benefit, no OPI/CG nail polishes, no exciting make up or cosmetics. What they gave was a sample of Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser, a balm which smelled funky and is for cuts/bruises that I will probably never use, a shower gel from Lemongrass House which looked really cheap to be honest, 2 Kinohimitsu BB Drink which took up most of the space in the box, and a Enavose mask. 

I was really disappointed because other than the tinted moisturiser and mask, none of the products in there appealed to me. I tried the shower gel last night and disliked it very much. It smelled like Eau de Lao Lang, or, old people. Not rose, definitely. More like the ointments that old people use. Perhaps the BB drink is good, but at this point, giving 2 bottles to everyone is probably a waste of postage cost because you need to drink this continuously to see the effect, and its in a glass bottle some more.

I had much higher expectations for it. Regretting my subscription now.. or rather, my luck at getting this combination as other people have CG crackle polish and Benefit hello flawless liquid foundation.

Now I am wondering if I should unsubscribe or not. Hmmm.. might just give it 1 more month. Let's see what it will bring!

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