The ALT Tour: Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant Chicken Murtabak

In the last leg of the shortlived but extremely fun ALT tour, we visit Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant that purportedly sells the best chicken murtabak in Singapore.

There are TWO zam zams. Btw, I love their name. Is it "zaam zaam" (like in "zambuk") or "zam zam" (like 'jam')? I first went to the TWO Zam Zam, but turns out Linda/Tim are waiting for me at the original Zam Zam which is just further down. You can't miss their sign boards though.

So we sat upstairs, and originally wanted to order their Bambi Zam Zam murtabak but oh deer, they were sold out for that.

So we got the regular chicken variety which costs really little. This plate was for three of us.

The murtabak is really tasty! I must admit, this might be my first real murtabak so I won't have any benchmarks. But as a food item, on an objective point of view, it rocked. 

Tim likes to slather the murtabak with curry sauce. How about you?

Also saw the guy making the murtabak downstairs. Fresh from the pan!

I filmed a short clip of the process. 

And so we have come to the last of the ALT tour series because Linda has left the country! *Sobs*
I hope you guys have enjoyed the series though :)

I would highly recommend that you go try the best chicken murtabak in Singapore.

Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant
697 North Bridge Road, Singapore
+65 62986320
Mon–Sun: 8am–11pm

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