Beauty Review: May Bellabox

So this month's BellaBox arrived for me the day before! This time round, I am happy to report that I slightly more satisfied with it compared to the April's bellabox.

To start with, the "box" is actually a cloth bag. Which is great because it is much more environmentally friendly and easier to store! I am looking at you, clunky box of April.

Here's what I see when I open the box. For May, they go with Mother's Day.

And here are the 5 items I received!

Out of these, the one I am most excited about would be the Sally Hansen nail hardener. Followed by the macadamia oil.

Gonna try the bath soak today.. wait I don't have a bath! :*( Why do they not send me a "Dirty Works All of A Lather Body Wash" instead? Ah well. At least no weird smelling products like Lemongrass House this time...

There is also a $20 voucher for Elizabeth Arden (presumably for mothers), but with a minimum spend of $100. Still 20% off, but I don't think I will be using it so I am gonna give it away!

Do leave a comment if you want the voucher and I'll mail it to you. Seriously. Just leave the comment, I'll reply to you, then send me your mailing address via the Facebook Page.

So what did you guys get for your bellabox? I'm gonna give them another month... heh.

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