Cafe Hangout: L'Etoile at 160 Owen Road, Singapore

Time for a new brunch/cafe place intro! This time we visit L'Etoile Cafe at Owen Road which is nearest to Farrer Park MRT. L'Etoile means "star" in french. It is such a cute place and it combines 2 of the best cultures together. Japanese + French = this place. It was introduced to me by a friend on the day when I went filming..

You will see in a bit why I like this place.. 

It is a shophouse with 2 levels. I took photos of this place in 2 separate occasions because there's just so much to see!

On the first level, walking in, you can see a corner full of knick knacks for sale. Can you see why I like it already? Enjoy :)

I really like their selection of bracelets. And eiffel towers! <3

Some fake plants for sale too. So cute!

Here's the cafe from the inside view. The main door on the right, walking into the counter with the knick knacks to the right (of the door) and the cashier to the left.

Their menu is pretty limited, but hey it is a small cafe, not a restaurant!
Other than sandwiches and some cakes and muffins on display, they also have a Brunch menu with eggs and all.

Very chill, concrete floors and simple furniture. There are tonnes of people working/studying there with their laptops on the weekend.

I would probably have taken better photos with a DSLR. But this will have to do for now!

There's this little corner that was really nice, by the window. That's probably the choice location on Level 1. You can see more photos of the place at this blog that reviewed it too!

Again, can you see why I like this place? :P

There is also a very surprising upper level. Highly recommend that you check it out if you go! It felt like going to someone's grandma's house. It was made with retro and eclectic furniture and collectibles.

For example, a vintage Olivetti typewriter. It is super cool! I've always dreamed about owning a typewriter...

Also a super old dresser.. and a grandfather clock. Randomness is the order of the day.

Well on to the food. I tried a latte the first time round. Isn't this cute?

On my second visit, it was also the right time to try their brunch. I think this was their Big Breakfast set for a whopping low cost of $9! Trust me, when you've been to other places that charges $15-20 for brunch, this is like wow, cheap.

The quality of course is not AS great as those >$15 ones. As you can see here, it really is made up of rather normal sausages, bread (gardenia variety). However simplicity can be appreciated if it is done well, and when it is simple, it is easy to keep it good.

They managed to do that. It was a great brunch set in fact, did not over stuff myself, and it had all my favorite ingredients (except tomatoes and some rocket leaves!).

This is such a hidden find. Am glad someone tipped me off to it, and now it's time for me to share with you! Don't go there with a empty stomach. Go with some good friends, and have a cuppa and soak in the atmosphere of a lazy weekend instead.
L'Etoile Cafe
160 Owen Road, Singapore 218953
+65 62982872
Tue–Sun: 9am – 8pm (Closed on Mon)

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