Event Report: Jurong Point Golden Village Reopened!

Attended the re-opening of GV Jurong Point on Labour Day when the kind folks at OMY.SG released some tickets to the Blog Club members to watch The Avengers on Labour Day.

(Photo credit: Mr Popcorn Facebook Album)

For me, Jurong Point contains many memories because I used to frequent that mall in my university days at NTU. It was the pit stop after school, or in transit from Boon Lay home in a 1.5hr journey. It was also where I would go for meals and groceries when I stayed in Hall for 3.5 years.

I must have watched movies in JP, though I cannot remember the experience, if any!

I was so shocked when I revisited the mall again on Tuesday to find that it has morphed even more. It was also very very packed (that, was normal). The old bits are still there but there's 2 wings now and a fully air-conditioned bus interchange!

Was quite excited also to see the new cinema. Imagine -- to be one of the first few butts to sit on the seats!

Anyway, we had to wait a while before entering the theatre. Met up with Shanice again!

It was a relatively small one among the 6 that can seat up to over 1k people, but the good thing is they are all fully digital!

We also got to see Auntie Lucy before the movie as she was doing a promo clip for GV. We got to be the calafares in the background and cheered for her after she said her "so embarrassing!" line, haha.

(Photo credit: Mr Popcorn Facebook Album)

Then it is finally time for The Avengers! I had been waiting for this since they started all the end credit scenes from Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America.. all of which I've caught in the cinemas too!

The movie did not disappoint. As formulaic as the plot was, it still shone with the casting, gripping action scenes and humor. A very very typical Hollywood film but one that I'll fork to watch anytime.

There were Lokis in the house too.

For the cinema review itself, the seats were slightly stiff though and boxy compared to the Lido/Cathay ones and was in some type of curtain brown material (at least it'll be easy to clean!). Other than that though it is very enjoyable because of the extra legroom which I need for my height. Also I hate it when people knee into my back seat when there is not enough space. The temperature was also just right, not too cold and there is also no strange odours. The screen and sound, great, no complaints. They are the reason why some movies need to be watched in a cinema. The screen also didn't break down like how it did for my colleague during a Monday midnight showing of the Avengers!

They also have some daily promotions from now till 23 May so all you Uni kids and west siders take note!

Mon: Free reg coke w purchase of large popcorn
Tues: $2 for cheesy hotdogs (U.P. $4)
Wed: All-day student pricing and $$2 off nachos combo (omg I love nachos)
Fri/Sat: Free late-night parking
Sun: Complimentary restaurant vouchers with every pair of tix purchased before 2pm.

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