Food Review: Charly T's at 112 i12 Katong Mall

Visited Charly T's at Katong Mall 2 Wednesdays ago for a food review. I had always wondered about this restaurant when I walked past the one on the way to Cathay, because it looks like an American franchise. Turns out, it is not that, but started by a Singaporean from our shores. Wow!

The restaurant is situated on the third floor of Katong Mall, beside a sushi place. It's location is quite secluded and not clearly visible from the escalators. You've got to know it to find it!

The concept is a mix of fast food and restaurant style because you have to look at the digital menus, and order at the counter yourself. I guess that solves the problem of waving at servers trying to get their attention to order food.

The interior of the place is very nicely done. I like the room dividers! It is also very airy, well-ventilated and lit quite brightly.

The concept of Charly T's is actually about Food Journeys. The creator of this restaurant wants to bring all the cultures of the world into 1 place through food. Hence, you can find all types of cuisine from American to European to Asian influences in the menu. Here on the wall, it also shows all the destinations that the journey has been to.

There is also 1 private room that can be booked for functions. Rather nice touch. Notice how it is very Peranakan? This is because it is in Katong Mall, where even the cinema is decked out in Peranakan decor!  Like this particular chest of drawers has full of character.

There is also an alfresco sitting which is very very nice. Apparently that is the best part about the place because you can just order a drink, sit there and enjoy the glorious sunset.

Well, once the tour is over, let's go back to the food!

We all started with some drinks. Charly T's Odysseys ($6.50) with the Red Tang - Strawberry, cranberry, lychee and Green Flash made with green apple, orange, pineapple. Very fruity. I had a mocktail instead, which was also very refreshing.

Then came the main draw and the most popular dish of the place: Charly T's Famous Rotisserie Chicken (Original Recipe) quarter chicken with 2 additions ($13).

The rotisserie chicken is also available in 3 other flavours: Kampong Chicken, Black Pepper & Kansas City BBQ at $15+ for quarter chicken and 2 additions.

Apparently the chicken is not frozen, and has been marinated for 13 hours. They are quite juicy indeed! I commented that this is like Kenny Roger's, but better quality. However the marinate could have been stronger since I couldn't tell the flavours from each other after they have been mixed together!

Each quarter of chicken also came with its own special sauce. My favorite is the Roasted Sesame Sauce, but they also have: Chermoula Sauce (a traditional Moroccan sauce of cilantro, garlic and cayenne pepper sauce), Kansas City BBQ Sauce and Charly T’s Original Sauce (chili based).

Along with each quarter also comes with 2 sides. We got to try all 4. The German Potato Salad, Fresh Vegetables, Butter Garlic Rice, Macaroni & Cheese. 

My favorite has got to be the german potato salad. The mac and cheese is in a Sotong Ring bright orange, and apparently a much healthier option than the normal mac and cheese, which is perhaps why I don't like it. It has no cheese taste! The veggy is a good option for people who like veggies, and the butter rice was quite fragrant but blah.

After the chicken, came the pork. The Kahlua Pork ($16) is an interesting dish that I've never tried before. The meat fell off in strips and is very soft. It was a hit among us. I do feel that I won't be able to eat this alone though - it has to be shared as an appetizer of sorts, otherwise it is really too much.

After that it became like.. a food marathon. Again. We were served the CT's Beef Burger ($10.50). I only tasted a tad of it since I was quite full, but the meat patty was juicy. In fact, I am hungry now and blogging about this doesn't help! The chips was fun.

Then came the favorite dish for me among all - the Jumbo Schnitzel Burger ($14). I can imagine it to be a really hearty and satisfying meal, especially for the boys. The chicken schnitzel is huge!! It will definitely go well with some mayonnaise (provided) and the bacon was done just right.

The other bloggers also saw the Hot Tangy Wings ($12) and couldn't resist ordering it. I did not try because boy it looks like a killer and I'm a spice wuss, but apparently it is marinated with the CT special sauce. Looks good doesn't it!

Lastly, the end of the journey was sweetened with desserts! There is the Kaiserschmarrn ($14) from Salzburg, and the name loosely translates to Emperor's Mishmash. It is actually deconstructed caramelized pancakes sprinkled with powdered sugar, raisins and served with a scoop of French Vanilla ice cream.

It was quite good, the pancakes. Rather decadent too. The ice cream on the other hand was a tad weird-tasting but I cannot put my finger onto it. 
Lastly we also tried the a mocha cheesecake! This was very nice. The cheesecake was quite frozen, so it feels like eating an ice cream cake but with chocolate and coffee flavor.

This will be available for FREE now till 13 May for Monday's Day promo. Grab it!

Complimentary Mocha Cheesecake for All Mothers (7 - 13 May 2012) at both branches
A homemade Mocha Cheese Cake (for sharing between two guests), compliments of the Chef will be given when mothers dine-in with at least two main course orders. Promotion is valid all day, any day!

Amazing venture by a Singaporean, I really like the concept of the place that brings all the cultures of the world together. How about some Indian and Chinese food in the menu next? 
Would recommend this especially for family dining or gatherings. There are some hits and misses in the menu, but do try the chicken schnitzel and their alfresco area. 

Charly T’s at I12 Katong Mall
112 East Coast Road, Level 3, I12 Katong, Singapore 428802
+65 66364701
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday: 11am to 11pm, Friday: 11am to 1am. Saturday: 9am to 1am (Breakfast 9am to 12noon), Sunday: 9am to 11pm (Breakfast 9am to 12noon), Eve of public holidays closed at 1am
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