Food Review: Skyve at 10 Winstedt Road, Singapore

This must be the most hyped restaurant of the year thus far.

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar is the new kid on the block when people talk about brunches - gone are the days of Spruce, Wild Honey and the likes. Skyve is in! Alright so I had to check it out when it was suggested as a birthday dinner venue (brilliant suggestion).

It is located at I think what might have been an old school compound turned offices-shops-restaurant. It was just right beside ACS I think, off bukit timah.

I really liked the theme of the place. It's what I would call the Science Lab Meets Kitchen in the 80s theme. You have very "scientific" items like the menu and placemats. You can read what it says on the menu about what Skyve is about. Plenty of character and sass.

Here's the rest of the place. Nice right! This is the bar when we walk in.
Really liked their chairs and room dividers. Not so much the family over there with 2 hyperactive boys who ran around the entire place the whole time. They should consider banning children in there, just like PS Cafe. Or perhaps just the naughty ones.

One of the 4 seaters. See what I mean by retro? 

They also have alfresco sitting outside, with deck chairs and fans. I imagine it to be very pleasant on a cool weekend for brunch.

This was my placemat. Very intriguing. Don't think the tastebuds diagram's right though.

They have other variations of the placemats.

Devious malingering anyone?

Well on to the food itself! Service was great, and the food came quicker than expected.

First up was the complimentary bread rolls with a thin sliver of butter. Bread was warm, with sesame and soft inside. Yum.

For appetizer we decided to get their Sous Vide Egg Benedict ($18) because this place was famous for that. Eggs ben, plenty around, but with the sous vide technique brings it to another level.

But what is sous vide you ask?

Before we proceed any further then, here's a quick paragraph on what exactly this french sounding term is about so you know and can look at your friend incredulously when the opportunity presents itself, and go, "you don't know what is sous vide?!" 
Sous-vide (play /sˈvd/; French for "under vacuum")[1] is a method of cooking food sealed in airtight plastic bags in a water bath for a long time—72 hours in some cases—at an accurately determined temperature much lower than normally used for cooking, typically around 60 °C (140 °F). The intention is to cook the item evenly, not overcook the outside while still keeping the inside at the same 'doneness' and to keep the food juicier.
There. You just learnt something. If you knew already, well.. go learn another thing.

This SV eggs ben had soft poached egg, grilled portobello, iberico ham & spinach salad, confit of cherry tomato, gratinated truffle and hollandaise. It was very good. The egg was like.. creamy soupy golden eggy goodness. The huge porto below was bellowing with flavor and balanced out with the warm and soft spinach. Thumbs up!

For mains, I had the sous vide spring chicken ($32). The skin was quite crispy and juicy, and the cream corn and brocollini was fun. But the little jug of something there tastes a little like soya sauce (I think it's supposed to be some chicken jus reduction).

Some parts of the spring chicken was also really dry. Look at that. I was also quite full so was unable to finish the entire bird. 

The duck confit ($34) is of course a mainstay in any "french-inspired" restaurant. Again, was not that tasty. It could have been more flavoured on the inside and wetter. 

The skin was rather crispy though. 

We then topped off the meal with a dessert to share. 

It was either the maple ice cream, or the Crème Caramel ($12). We picked the latter. It is according to the menu, made of vanilla egg custard, caramelized orange caramel, sauternes jelly, sous vide pear. So when it arrived it looked really interesting. The custard was really delicious together with the citrusy orange caramel sauce and the pear. What we didn't expect was the jelly in the stem of the glass. It was actually alcohol in jelly form!

I concluded then that it was made with moscato, or some sort of sweet wine. Very alcoholic, but it was really addictive together with the orange zest. Later, I found out from the menu that Sauternes refers to a French sweet wine from the Sauternais region. -_-

Alright, even though this name is kinda overhyped and the mains were kinda blah, I do find that it was a very enjoyable restaurant because of the ambiance, the character, and the service from the staff (friendly!). The appetizer and the dessert also saved the food experience. I would recommend you to go, only for their brunch, desserts and drinks!

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar
10 Winstedt Road, Blk E, #01-17, Singapore 227977
+65 62256690
Opening Hours: Tue–Fri: 8.30am – 12am, Sat–Sun & PH: 10am – 12am 
(Closed on Mon)
Website | Menu

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  1. Read a fair bit of this Skyve. Looking forward to go try the food myself. Thanks for sharing.