My EPIC birthday this year

So I went to the office on my birthday. I have to blog this down because it was such an extraordinary day.

I wasn't expecting it (but on hindsight, I should have, why didn't I..) but it was probably the most memorable birthday I've ever had in my 20+ years. Only because I have really lovely colleagues who dreamed up of the most ingenious ploys for me.

Including trying to get me a date on Twitter with #sexyAC2012. People are supposed to tweet me on the reasons why they should go on a date with me. Which mrbrown tweeted about. OMG. haha!

So at 10am, I was briefed by my boss. I had to complete tasks to collect my tokens. Only after I finish doing my tasks, can I remove my bunny outfit (ears, pink chest hair and bunny bob tail).

One of the tasks involves taking a #picolift with the 5 most handsome guys in the office. Here they are. Ladies take your pick! Haha.

Other tasks involved kissing people and vice versa, hair tying.. singing a song, and wiggling my bob tail. Also realized I can't spell Mississippi.

I also received a super sweet gift after coming back from lunch. 12 cupcakes from Felicia, delivered and made by the guys from Plain Vanilla Bakery! It was such a pleasant surprise <3

My bestie got flowers, balloons and a bear bear delivered to my office. Aww! 
It was again <3 <3 <3

My lovely colleagues topped it off with an Awfully Chocolate cake. I am so touched.!

I was also happy to report that I finished all my tasks before 4pm! At 4.30pm our computers were forcibly shut down and we all went to Morton's for martinis and their famous steak sandwiches. I've always wanted to go there so 1 more thing checked off my bucket list.

The steak sandwich was FRIGGIN' GOOD. This is really all you need to create a party in your mouth - bread, awesome steak, some mayonnaise.

Last but not least, received another bouquet of flowers from a dear friend, just before midnight.

Thanks everyone for making this year's birthday the most memorable one ever. I am really hoping next year to NOT top it.. or perhaps maybe. All I know is I am very blessed with many incredible colleagues and friends around me.

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