App News: Snapseed free on App Store till 7 June

So I read that the App Store has started doing a "free app for a week" series since last week, and from today till 7 June (thereabouts), my favorite photo editing app Snapseed is FREE!

I actually got it free when it was still new, but since then they have priced it at around 1.99 if I am not wrong.

But seriously. I have tried almost ALL the photo-editing apps out there... Camera+, Photoshop Express, VSCO.. but they all just didn't give me the freedom and capabilities like Snapseed does. Do note I am talking about photo editing and not filtering (that's Path, Instagram, Hipstamatic).

Actually I wasn't aware of how powerful the app was when I downloaded it, but after a while my colleagues were raving about it and I tried it again.

Then I realized - This is how you get your iPhone photos to look like they were taken from a DSLR.

Exhibit 1: Taken with iPhone 4S, edited with Snapseed.

Compare the before (left) and after (right).
In fact, this app was also rated to be the best by one of my favorite visual bloggers of all time, krisatomic. She tried all the paid apps in fact.

Here's what I normally do with my photos. Remember to set your screen brightness to bright enough or you will keep thinking your photos are very dim.

1. Try to take your photos in a good lighting (Very important to start with a good base photo)
2. Use "Drama" function, lower the intensity and increase the saturation. This is the most important function.
3. Use "Detail" function to sharpen image if needed
4. Use "Adjust image" function to tweak brightness (usually)

Other cool functions: "Selective adjust" to brighten up certain areas and "tilt-shift" or "center focus" to create the blurry background effect.

Anyway, go download it and try it for yourself.

#dontsayinevershare !

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