Hidden Find: Cheapest Salmon Sashimi in Town at Sushi Express, Citylink Mall

I had a brief internal struggle - to blog or not to blog about this superduper awesome place that sells fresh salmon sashimi at $1.50 for 3 slices?

Then I decided, ah heck, I don't think everyone will rush there and snatch my place in the queue anyway. Plus, it's such a good deal, I HAVE to share it with you my reader. You can't get this type of sacrifice anywhere else ok!

The place is Sushi Express at Citylink mall. It is just up the escalator after the adidas store (and Esplanade exit).

All their sushi is $1.50 per plate. That's even cheaper than Sucky Sushi! 

However, they don't have anything else other than nigiri sushi and just salmon/tuna sashimi. The nigiri range is pretty varied though and there's unagi.. my favorite crabstick mayo.. edamame peas, coca-cola (also $1.50!) and even mango pudding.

When you get pass the queue (fast moving, but be prepared to wait a bit especially during 7-8pm), they will ask you if you have been there before or not. Say yes, sit down and pour yourself a cup of FREE hot green tea. Also, they will ask if you would like miso soup.

Remember - REJECT the miso soup. It is the most horrible miso soup I've ever had the first time I went. It was made with clams and salmon fish head and was super fishy and gross.

Everything is self-serve - get your own tea, your own wasabi and start! I like how fuss-free it is.

Their salmon sashimi is a tad shrunken, but understandable since it is $1.50 for 3 pieces! It is quite fresh though because their turnover is so high - everyone is just a cat in disguise!

Do note there's a 50 minute limit to your meal time if you go during peak - the trick is to go at around 8++ so they won't chase you out since you are the last batch. Otherwise, don't feel bad if they asked you to leave, 50 minutes is more than enough to get all that Omega-3 into your tummy!

The best kept secret in town has now been unveiled. #dontsayinevershare - I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!


Sushi Express

1 Raffles Link, #B1-23 Citylink Mall, Singapore
+65 62389811
Daily: 11am – 9.30pm

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your sashimi hideout. Now I'll have to drop by here, and soon! I hope they'll have an automatic sushi roll maker when I do visit there.