Caffeine Shot: Nylon Coffee Roasters at 4 Everton Park, S08004

So after our stint at Strangers' Reunion, we decided to explore a little since Nylon Coffee Roasters is relatively near by foot from Kampong Bahru. Well, it is not relatively THAT near, but we made it under the hot sun over to the charming little HDB estate of Everton Park. 

We were quite confused as to which block it was, but managed to find it after a bit of wandering. You will never expect anything in here if you don't know where to look!

So first thing first.
This is NOT a cafe.

That is the most important thing you need to know about Nylon Coffee Roasters. They sell coffee, but they don't sell a space with couches, comfortable chairs and tables. If you want that, go to Starbucks.

It is, as it's name suggests, a coffee roaster place. What they do is to transform their love for coffee into a shop front for other like-minded people to enjoy some 'indie' beans. 

If you see the window in the photo that has something behind, it is actually the other half of the shop with a giant roasting machine inside.

 You can buy the beans they roasted - which all comes with very exotic names which I cannot pronounce or recall. Or you can grab a cuppa to go, or have it at the storefront. Which only has 4 chairs. So really, just grab a to-go. The owners are really friendly though and ready to share their knowledge for coffee if you are interested!

Well, if you are a coffee connoisseur then you would probably already know of this place. If you are not an expert, but still interested in coffee and want to try something different, something more 'indie' then visit Nylon Coffee Roasters. I definitely enjoyed my visit! 

Nylon Coffee Roasters

4 Everton Park, #01-40 Singapore
+65 6220 2330
Mon–Fri: 8.30am – 5.30pm
Sat–Sun: 9am – 6pm (Closed on Tue)

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