Event Alert: 21st Century Volkswagen Beetle Launch in Singapore

I'm here to let you guys know about the launch of the 21st Century Beetle that is happening from today onwards at Knightsbridge and Raffles City for 9 days from 12pm-9pm.

The coolest thing about this is that the Beetle is a social bug (being the 21st Century and all) - you can actually TALK with the car instead of just looking at it. While talking with the Beetle, you'll also be able to take photos and they will be posted on his Facebook Page. Isn't that cool!

I also think the back-to-basics design of the car made it look more iconic yet modern and powerful at the same time compared to the flower power Beetle. 

Well, the 21st Century Beetle is finally in Singapore and it's a boy. Go catch him at the 2 locations whenever you can!

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