Food Review: Reopened Food Republic at Wisma Atria

Once again I had the fortune to try out the food from my favorite food court chain in Singapore - Food Republic! This time round it is because the 26,000 sq foot food court has been renovated and reopened about a month ago and thanks to Celes and the kind folks from Food Republic's PR company who invited me to go try it out. Yes Food Republic at Wisma is open again!

I must say, I am very impressed! It is all back to basics of our Singaporean food roots with the revamp this time round and they have decorated it with all types of vintage items from our past which gives it a really nostalgic flavour and makes it distinctly Singaporean, even if some of the stalls in there hail from different countries and serve other cuisines. It is after all our heritage to have a mishmash of everything.

There is a total of 23 stalls, 3 mini restaurants and 1 kiosk. How's that for spoilt for choice? I need to eat at this food court whenever I am in town next time and not bother thinking about restaurants.

Well on Thursday we tried a total of get this - 7 stalls and 15 dishes. Wow! I'm going to give you a lowdown on all of them so you know what to try if you are there next time. Hope this will help.

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar
One of the mini restaurants in the food court, it serves up Japanese cuisine and has it's own seating corner.

1) Carpaccio - $18.00
Very garlicky, great for repelling vampires and as an appetizer. The fish is not the freshest but the sauce is quite addictive.

2) Shiok Maki - $16.80
Shiok maki really lived up to its name! It is super shiok. At $4.20 per piece, it is also very expensive. But if you want to experience a shot of happiness, this might be it. Cheese on top, covering a rice ball with unagi and avocado inside.

Indonesian Padang
1) Nasi Kuning - $7.20

The beef rendang here has good spice. This should also be the same franchise we tasted at 112 Katong Mall Food Republic, since the display looks similar even if the rice is less pointy! It's a hearty meal - get this if you are starving and ready for some serious chow time!

2) Ayam Merah Set B (1 Meat + 1 Vegetable + Rice) - $5.50

The chicken rendition for non-beef eaters. It is very sedap as well! At this price, the meal is a very decent and flavorsome one.

Odeon Beef Noodle
The famous Odeon Beef Noodle! Replacing the old tenant, apparently Odeon is a tradition on its own.

1) Beef Noodle Dry 牛肉面(干) - $5.00
2) Beef Organ Set 牛杂面 - $7.00

I'll be honest. The beef noodle wins for me that night amongst all the food. I really liked dry beef noodles, and this one was very good, except the beef slices were a bit "slippery" and not as beefy as I liked. But the gravy was done well and the beef ball soup is super yummy. Oh now I feel like I need to have it for dinner.

Thye Hong 
The famous Thye Hong remains in the new line up as one of the star attractions of the Food Court. I remember when it first opened, it caused such a sensation when people were queuing for it every day! Till date they are still queues.

(1) Char Kway Teow - $4.50/ $6.50/ $8.50

Very classic Char Kway Teow did not disappoint. It was still as good and on the plus side, not very unhealthy compared to the even more delicious one at Tanjong Pagar Market that used probably loads of lard. This is the "healthier choice".

(2) Fried Prawn Noodle - $5.20/ $7.20/ $9.20

Another old-time classic, the Hokkien Mee here hits you with a very strong prawn flavour when you first taste it. They probably use quite a thick prawn broth when frying this, which tends to be on the wetter side of the range of Hokkien noodles. For me I prefer the drier type. Personal preference aside, it is a good sinful plate of Singapore.

Hyangtogol Korean

1) Bulgogi Marinated BBQ Beef - $7.50

Didn't do anything for me. The meat was dry and quite sweet, which I did not like. They would have been better if there's korean chili mixed in them. I actually don't like Korean food most times because they tend to be on the wrong side of the sweet palate.

2) Samgetang Ginseng Chicken Soup - $18.00

The chicken soup was however a very "soulful" type of soup that you will want when sick. I could not taste any ginseng in it at all however - we fished for evidence of ginseng and found a few, but no taste. I don't mind though because I like plain chicken soup! At $18, it is quite steep but 2 people can share it.

As a bonus we also tried the Korean Tofu Seafood Soup! It was quite nice, like a kimchi ramen without the kimchi, ramen but with tofu, chili and seafood. Very appetising.

Lor 1 Fish Soup

1) Sour & Spicy Soup in Mini Steamboat 酸辣汤小火锅 - $6.00

This. is. a. killer. If you like spicy food, try it. If not, don't act brave and order because it is no ordinary spice. Not even like the 'ma-la' type which is on your tongue/lips. This is the peppery type that sits deep in your throat and burns up slowly. Looks can be deceiving huh!

Ice Shop
1) Chendol 珍多. - $2.80
2) Grass Jelly Black Longan 黑龙眼仙草冰 - $2.80

Lastly the chendol and grass jelly with black longan. We actually started with these first, which is really odd, but I don't mind (desserts is always good). However, quality wise I think they are really average and nothing to shout about. The chendol also paled in comparison to the one from 112 Katong Mall that came in a cup and very filled with gula melaka and chendol!

I also enjoyed the lovely company of fellow bloggers Celes from CelestialDelish, Cheryl ms-skinnyfat, Charlene and Charles from Missuschewy, which made dinner very much enjoyable.

[Photo courtesy of Celes]

I know where I am going to eat next time I am at Orchard. For a shopping district the food choices in town and rather dismal - until Wisma Food Republic reopened! I would go for the beef noodles and shiok maki (if I am feeling rich). 

Food Republic
Wisma Atria Level 4, 435 Orchard Road, Singapore 238877
Monday – Thursday, Sunday, Public Holiday 10am – 10pm
Friday, Saturday, Eve of Public Holiday: 10am-11pm

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