Tze Char Eats: Jufeng Garden Kitchen at 117 Commonwealth Drive,Singapore 140117

Another tze char place this time. I am on a roll! Other than small indie cafes and brunches, my other love is for good ol' tze char. It is so Singaporean, so local, it is as close as you can get to eating the soil off the ground we stand on.

This time the place was nominated by Tim from the now defunct ALT team. The spirit lives on! The dish in focus is the nondescript and underrated "San Lao" or samlo horfun only because it is such a simple dish of fish slices and white horfun with none of the sinful ingredients like lard and chili. 

I am not sure why it takes "3 hauls" (the name) to make this horfun - anyone have an idea on its name's origin?

Well, to the dish itself! It resides in a sleepy HDB enclave of Commonwealth Drive, just about 10 minutes away from Two Chefs. Why are all the good food in this area?

It is a good plate of horfun. Don't expect many dimensions of flavour though. It is just simply the taste of the fresh fish and the slightly burnt wok-hei taste of the horfun. The noodles were very smooth and not starchy/stuck together. 

We also had 2 other dishes worth talking about. First - the rival to Two Chef's butter pork is Jufeng Garden's own rendition. 

It is VERY spicy.

Be warned! If you are a spice lover then this takes it right up to your league. For me I felt that the pork is a bit dry and the spice just numbs my tongue a bit, but it is quite addictive. My reactions towards spice is always like that - it kills me but I keep going back to it.

Another cereal (asian bacon!) dish gave us a pleasant surprise. The tofu was fresh and fried just nicely. The sprinkling of some hot fried cereal makes it an irresistible combination.

Here's a look at their menu since they don't seem to exist on the internet. 

Overall a simple and real tze char place to have some comfort food. Prices are fair and if it is not so obscure I might go back there more often!

Jufeng Garden Kitchen
117 Commonwealth Drive #01-733, Singapore 140117

BLK 7, #01-105, Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Singapore 082001
+65 64734320

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