Tze Char Eats: Two Chefs Eating Place at 116 Commonwealth Crescent, Singapore 140116

Have you ever had milk powder in any of your food before?

Well I have not. Not since I was below 1 years old and milk powder IS my only few sources of food. Since then I doubt I've ever had milk power before in my life.

So who is this ingenious madcap who thought it is a good idea to sprinkle milk powder on butter PORK?

I first got to know about this place from my colleagues who were all talking about this dish as if it is the best thing since Photoshop. I was intrigued, and read about it. Then finally one day I got to check it out with them! The scene of invention? Two Chefs Eating Place at 116 Commonwealth Crescent.

It is a regular tze char place. With that special dish which I have never seen before elsewhere. It is also always very packed during dinner time but the people are very efficient at seating everyone and serving the food, which is good. This place is a 10-min walk from Commonwealth MRT.

You can see their operating hours there. They open till 1am!

So is this butter pork really good? The answer is a resounding YES! It is no doubt one of the most unique and best butter pork I've ever had. Especially when it is served piping hot - it is a mess of saltish buttery crispy pork with the sweet powdery texture of the milk powder giving your tastebuds a party they enjoy. The meat is also not dry nor tough - just the right kind to keep enjoying the flavours. 

Now you know. Who knows what the next food combi sensation might be. 

Other than the pork, they serve the regular tze char dishes as well. However they pale in comparison to the butter pork. There are better tze char places out there!

Here's the selection of what I've tried anyway. 

This garlic clam thing is very garlicky and quite shiok as an appetizer if you like clams!

Kang Kong is normal.

So is the Golden Mushroom Tofu.

Oh but their pork floss condensed milk prawns is good. It has all my favorite ingredients (floss and condensed milk) inside and the prawns are already shelled!

Their prawn paste chicken, when served hot, was also quite tasty. The prawn paste taste is not as strong as it can be though.

Coffee ribs, I believe. Regular. In the background you can also see a glimpse of a cereal dish, which I believe was prawns. 

Go for their butter pork and expect to be mindblown. Do however know that everything else is pretty much standard fare. For a tze char place, the prices are also a little bit on the high side - expect to pay around $15-18 for a group of dishes.

Two Chefs Eating Place
Blk 116 Commonwealth Crescent, #01-129 Singapore 140116
+65 64725361
Mon: 5pm – 11.30pm, Tue–Sun: 11.45am–2.30pm, 5pm–11.30pm
(Closed every last Mon of the month)

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