Cocktail Recipe: Zespri® Frozen Kiwi Daiquiri

Today I'm gonna teach everyone how to make an award-winning* Zespri® Frozen Kiwi Daiquiri. I learnt it from my brother and I can't believe how simple it is, and how delicious the end product was! With drinks like these who needs to go  to bars? Just come to the house of Cheong!

In case you don't know (like me), a daiquiri is a lime-based rum cocktail. In fact, the classic daiquiri is just sugar, lime and rum. However, there are many twists to the daiquiri where you can mix it. With strawberries for example.

So here's what you need for 2 glasses of Zespri® Frozen Kiwi Daiquiris:

1 big lime (almost as big as lemon sized) for a shot glass full of lime juice
2 Zespri green kiwifruits
2 teaspoon of sugar
A shot of white rum
10 cubes of ice
A blender

Step 1: Squeeze out the lime juice such that it fills a shot glass. Add a small tablespoon of sugar.

Step 2: Stir until sugar dissolves mostly.

 Step 3: Cut up delicious Zespri kiwi fruits and remember to leave a slice for decoration.

Eat a gold kiwifruit while waiting for someone to cut the green ones. Over here, my brother decided to eat it with the skin. I know, caveman style.

Step 4: Pour the lime juice syrup, and kiwis into the blender. Add in a shot of white rum.

Step 5: Put in the ice. Remember to cap the blender before turning on the power. BLEND.

Step 6: Pour into chilled martini glass and garnish with slice of kiwi. You're done!

Part of the fun with making cocktails is to trial and error. The first batch we made was less sweet so we tried again, and perfected it. Completely up to you to adjust as you like.

Hope you enjoyed this first-ever cocktail recipe on my blog and let me know if you decide to try it.
Good luck!

  1. That is great. I can't wait to taste it.

  2. Looks and impresses as refreshing. A bit of food coloring can do magic. It can turn it into Pink Panther powder.

  3. I like to try this recipe simply because I love drinking cocktails. By the way I am going to have a slush machine hire in Perth and I am thinking of using it to create this one. Is it a good equipment to use or not?

  4. Sounds sexy and zesty. It is a ladies' drink that a gent like me can tab for the ladies. We have that at subic club. A crowd favorite.

  5. I can't wait to try this! I'm actually hiring a frozen cocktail machine hire in Perth, and I'm excited to try this recipe! Thanks for this!

  6. I didn't try making my own recipe. I want to make some soon.