Zespri Kiwifruit: 14 Days of Zespri Midway Point + GIVEAWAY soon!

So I must have had explained the story about my sudden 'obsession' with kiwis at least 5 times to different people.

I don't mind it though because it means they are interested enough to know more. In this blog post, I'll just pen down my thoughts about the challenge thus far since we are at the halfway mark of the 2-week challenge.

First thing - I've never felt more invigorated with a fruit! I believe I've been eating kiwis every day for 3 days straight already and I am not sick of them yet because they are so refreshing. In fact I look forward to the times when I can dig my snife/spife? (spoon knife) into the green or gold cup and scoop out an AMAZING piece of fruit.

Sounds rather dramatic, but that's how I like to enjoy my fruit -- with a side of imaginary drama.

Apparently it is also a known fact that kiwis are full of fibre and makes you poop.

Well. It's true.

Anyway, back to the subject of how I felt about the challenge. Initially it was quite difficult to just get started because.. well I don't have the habit of eating fruits every day. In fact there are some weeks where I got by with NO fruits at all. It is very unhealthy, I know.

However, the challenge gave me small tasks to fulfill every day which made it a bit easier since I am a very mission-oriented person. So on Monday it was to have it for breakfast.

On Wednesday I shared it with my colleagues.

On Thursday during the National Day holiday I had it after lunch, which helped with my slight hangover from Wednesday night. I had the golden ones, which are much sweeter.

And for today, well, I shared it with my colleague @jalenealyssa who has NEVER had kiwi before! Wow. I was stunned when I found out. She said she usually just takes it out from cakes if there was, and her family just never bought any so she did not feel compelled to try. Until today.

And her verdict?

There you have it. Because of this challenge, I managed to improve my vitamin C and all sorts of goodness intake, shared it with everyone and also have good outPoOoooot.

1 more week of Zespri kiwis to go in the challenge. I can't wait! Watch out for a GIVEAWAY on my blog by the folks from Zespri as well!

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