Zespri Kiwifruit: I Feel Good!

I might consider having kiwi as a permanent staple in my diet, because I've never had such positive improvements to my health and well-being before having Zespri kiwis on a regular basis.

So far, the most obvious health benefit for me would be the smooth bowels. Perhaps this is too much information for a blog but it really helped move things along!

Other benefits would be the fun I had from eating it. I always look forward to the sour sweet soft fruit with crunchy seeds. It isn't a health benefit per se but I won't be able to tell if the Vitamin C (2x more than oranges) or nutrients (5x more than oranges) are working for me or not, even though I haven't fallen sick in recent days.

Well, that's just a recording of how it has been so far for me. I hope to keep this up for a healthier me!

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