Event Report: Fern & Kiwi Bar & Eatery Opens in Singapore!

I was kindly invited by the folks from Fern & Kiwi Bar & Eatery to attend their opening night in Singapore last Wednesday evening. When I first heard about it I was immediately intrigued. An New Zealand bar and restaurant? What does New Zealand food taste like? What else do they have other than sheep and kiwis? When I think of New Zealand, yes it is sheep, kiwis, Lord of the Rings, Fernleaf and 42 Below vodka.

Of course I had to check it out for myself. Arrived there after a short walk from Clarke Quay MRT - this bar is situated right after Zirca, at the taxi stand outside of Coffee Club. You can't miss it.

It was really crowded when we reached! Took a walk around and came up to the upper floor which is the eatery. Found a really nice patio area that overlooks Fort Canning Park. It was really idyllic, with fern planters overhead and fans spinning away. Perfect for a glass of New Zealand ale or cider..

This is inside of the restaurant level. Very spacious. Kia Ora.. welcome!

A kiwi at the counter! How cute.

This is the circular stairs you have to take to go upstairs! 

Here's me at the first level near the entrance with the cute New Zealand mural. 

And here are the selection of NZ beers and cider they have on tap on the first level bar! Quite a wide selection of rather exotic beers!

Tried to take a photo of the first level bar.. but it was filled with people. At that moment everyone was listening to the opening speech. The owners and management were so psyched and happy about the new bar, the feeling was infectious. I could tell that it had been a huge effort to launch it, but they finally did it!

The bar is rather spacious in fact, with high tables at the left and also cubby hole areas to sit around on the right. There's also a small stage for the band to play some music right at the end.

The 2 bartenders who gamely posed for my camera! Don't they look fun!

Here are some people as seen from the 2nd level. The crowd had a good buzz.

We had some champagne and free flow of drinks. It was good!

And here's the kitchen counter at the second floor. What are they pointing to?
The DELICIOUS food of course! Well if these are anything to go by of the kitchen's standards, I'm very impressed. There is nothing 'special' or local of the food, but just really quality ones. Super tasty. For a while we just camped around the kitchen counter to grab the food, or we might miss out!

There was also mini burgers (fish and beef) and pizzas of different flavours. 

We had an entire cheese board to our table! Wow! The cheese was soft brie, very palatable and goes perfect with the crackers.

And here's me again with Felicia! 

And here's Stooffi looking incredibly happy with the cheese board. Haha!

The event was well-organized and from the preview I've had of the place I reckon it will be somewhere which I will revisit again! I will also definitely go back to try out their Eatery.

Here's wishing Fern & Kiwi Bar and Eatery a big fat "HUAT!" (prosper!) for their opening in Singapore. Thank you for bringing a bit of your country to the smorgasbord that is Singapore and making it just a bit more vibrant.

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  1. Must say, I'm loving what I'm seeing and hearing about the country down under. I'll sure be trying and visiting them all when I got in there, I always want to wander around and appreciate the beauty of the country which are all magazine worthy.