Event Report: Wonder Girls Wonder World Concert

Attended the Wonder Girls Wonder World Tour 2 Saturdays ago at the Resorts World Convention Centre, and thought I'll share what happened with you guys! 

We reached at around 7.30pm and went in after putting our bags at the counter. We were standing right in front at the stage left, which was awesome because we got to see the Girls up close!

For those who were wondering, the Wonder Girls?! Yes! They are still producing great music, even though most might think they are a one-hit wonder with "Nobody". 

In fact, the Girls were really in tune even though they were singing and dancing live - no lip syncing. That's the true test of a singer, really. If you can still sound like your album while dancing around with skin tight outfits and thousands of fans on stage, you are a real singer.

I really enjoyed listening to their songs, from slow ballads to quick catchy songs, like their newest hit "Like Money" which was very well-received.

Here's the song!

The stage lighting was quite responsive as well. It's a pity the venue was a bit too big for the audience, as there are some empty spaces. But the front was really packed with people trying to get close to the group!

They thanked us at the end with "Nobody" as the encore song, of course. Well done! Thanks also to Jocelyn for the invite :)

After the event we went to the nearby Malaysian Food Street beside Universal Studios for a late dinner. The place is really authentic looking and had all the famous food from Malaysia, like Klang Ba Kut Teh (not nice, skip it) and Penang Laksa (spicy!) as well as Malacca Chicken Rice Balls and Penang Char Kway Teow etc.

All in all a great Saturday evening!

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  1. I really thought they were gone just like what you said on your post "one-hit wonder with "Nobody"" because I haven't heard anymore any news about them lately. It seems like they were still doing fine and enjoying their career. Thanks for you update about the girls.